ZomBeatBox Minecraft 1.5 Survival Map

custom zombies minecraft survival map

This minecraft survival map is highly customized and makes heavy use of the command block. It also contains custom zombies, six different kinds of zombies, each made obvious by the fact that their heads are made of blocks. Each different type of zombie drops a different and unique kind of material. Some zombies drop fuel, others drop food, still others drop building supplies.

The map itself is fairly sparse, but by fighting zombies you’ll be able to gather all the materials you could ever need. If you need anything you can’t get by punching a zombie in the face, then there’s always the custom minecraft mall. The mall does not use villager shopkeepers, but uses a ‘punch the wall buttons’ system to allow you to buy items like armor, enchantments and weapons. There’s also a handy little ‘unwanted items to xp’ converter, where you can discard any unwanted items (rotten flesh, anybody?) for 2 xp.

Left 4 Dead: McDonalds Minecraft Zombie Survival Map

minecraft mcdonalds left 4 dead map

Can ¬†you survive the wave of zombies coming your way? Probably not, but holed up inside an abandoned McDonalds, you might as well do your best to try, as having your brain eaten sometimes offends. This is a multiplayer minecraft survival map, designed for up to four people. Or one, terribly unfortunate person. Is it difficult? Yes, it is fairly difficult, or as we in gaming-land like to say ‘challenging’.

Be warned that the map starts very quickly once you get inside the McDonalds and the zombies are relentless. You will learn to hate button operated iron doors if you don’t already – because nothing is worse than trying to get through a door that is only open for half a second whilst zombies pummel the back of your head. You are provided with some armor in McDonald’s colors. I call it armor, it’s really just dyed leather and offers about as much protection as a thin spreading of olive oil. The only ray of hope in the whole affair are the storage chests and the drink dispensers, where some useful potions and raw foodstuffs can be found.

No crafting is allowed in this minecraft survival map, though anvils are provided so you can repair your tools and armor in between zombie attacks. There’s really not an awful lot of time ‘in between’, nor are there a lot of materials to repair your items with, so don’t get your hopes up, this is probably a losing battle. Especially if you’re playing singleplayer without the help of comrades and allies.

I also noted that occasionally a random creeper will spawn inside the restaurant, adding further chaos to the mix. There’s really no guarantee of safety anywhere in the map, except in the freezer room, (until Jeb teaches zombies to open redstone doors, anyway). Retreat, run, fight, survive, die, it’s all the same in the end.

Download the Minecraft Left4Dead McDonalds Map!

Pancake Survival, Minecraft 1.5 Survival Map

You’ve survived in the ocean, you’ve survived in the sky. You’ve survived in a bottle and you’ve survived in an Ant Farm. Now it is time to survive on a pancake. Seriously. Do it. Survive minecraft on a pancake.

Pancake minecraft survival is a map made by the creator of Ocean Block. The creator felt that Ocean Block was too kind to the player, Pancake Survival is an attempt to set things right, or wrong, depending on your perspective.

minecraft pancake survival map

You begin the map on a flat plane of dirt with a little pool of lava and a sole villager who will no doubt make a beeline for that lava as soon as he gets the chance. The initial chest is filled with obsidian, for people who enjoy building portals, and that’s all of us. There’s also some cocoa beans and flint. Because that’s all you need. Oh, and there’s also one tree of every kind, which makes things easy, if by easy you mean ‘full of wood’.

The Grid, Minecraft Survival Map

minecraft the grid survival map download

A new minecraft sky survival based map, The Grid manages to be both classic and innovative. Like a titanium cravat, or a soup made of future. The Grid is comprised of a tall chain of minecraft block hollow squares, separated by minecraft hollow space. It is your task to harvest resources from the grid and ultimately create a cosy home in which to dwell.

minecraft grid survival map download

Wasteland Apocalypse, Minecraft Gravel Survival Map Download

All has become gravel in a minecraft survival map where grim landscapes and even grimmer chances of survival are the order of the day. You begin close to what was probably once a small fortress, but which is now a tattered pile of rubble. A few supplies can be scavenged here, but your hunger is already growing and food is the first thing on your mind. But where can food be found? Not growing in toxic gravel, that’s for sure.

minecraft wasteland survival map download

As for wood, there is precious little of that. No trees grow in this dead land, though a few stumps are to be found hither and thither. In addition to the mob infested ruins plain to see above the ground, there are dungeons lurking beneath the gravel and sand. One may as well abandon all hope before descending, for the steep drops and the high pitched call of bats inform one that this is a trip likely to be taken in one direction only.

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