Minecraft Earth Colonization Map Download | Minecraft Earth, Now With Cities!

minecraft map of canada, minecraft earth map download

Hopefully by now you’re familiar with the Earth made in minecraft project, in which the entirety of the globe was recreated in Minecraft form. In its original incarnation, players could download a minecraft map of the earth. The terrain matched the real world, but there were no cities or buildings.

That has changed! The minecraft earth colonization project has a minecraft earth map available for download, with cities!

Several countries have already been added to the map. So you can now explore Russia (complete with their Antartic bases), Canada, Iceland, Morocco, Columbia and Palau. More countries are coming soon, so this is a minecraft project definitely worth keeping an eye on. Upcoming countries include the USA (so yes, you’ll be able to travel across the United States of America in Minecraft, perhaps following in the steps of Kerouac or Boone.) Also Venuzuela, Norway, Micronesia and Khazakstan.

Hole Fall Minecraft Sky Survival Map Download

minecraft menger sponge survival map download

Hole Fall is a minecraft survival map full of holes. It’s actually a minecraft menger sponge survival map. And you’re right in the middle of it all, stuck on a sliver of grass – or, if you pass through the portal, on a thin sliver of netherrack.

Minecraft Mountain Island Survival Map

minecraft mountain island survival map download

There’s nothing like a nice minecraft mountain survival map, one that’s been made by someone who knows how to create natural looking terrain in minecraft which leaves the player feeling as if their mountain island lair might really be able to exist somewhere in the real world.

The Barren Minecraft Desert Survival

minecraft barren desert survival map download

The Barren is not a particularly inviting place. It is, however, a pretty decent survival map with a neat and compact desert theme. As humans throughout history have done, you will begin your journey by clinging to the fertile soils at water’s edge. There you will begin to plant the crops and harvest the animals that have traveled across the desert to drink at the rare spring.

Walking Dead Minecraft Map Download

walking dead minecraft map download

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you’ll want to download this Walking Dead Minecraft map, set in the town of Woodbury. You’ll find most of Woodbury fairly faithfully recreated in this map download, though some concessions have been made for space and aesthetic concerns. This is the perfect map download for anyone who wants to practice their minecraft zombie survival skills, or anyone who collects minecraft maps based on popular television shows.

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