Walking Dead Minecraft Map Download

walking dead minecraft map download

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you’ll want to download this Walking Dead Minecraft map, set in the town of Woodbury. You’ll find most of Woodbury fairly faithfully recreated in this map download, though some concessions have been made for space and aesthetic concerns. This is the perfect map download for anyone who wants to practice their minecraft zombie survival skills, or anyone who collects minecraft maps based on popular television shows.

Woodbury is the sort of town you don’t really want to live in, but you’ll live there anyway because the alternative is being eaten alive by zombie hordes. Entertainment is a relatively rare thing in minecraft Woodbury, but if you’re sharp enough to open the map up to multiplayer, then you and some of your friends can recreate Woodbury’s infamous entertainment fights.

minecraft walking dead survival map download

Surrounded by dense forest, Woodbury ain’t exactly entirely safe from hostile mobs. You’ve got your wallclimbing spiders to worry about and on a dark night it’s all too easy for zombies to pop up right under your boots.

You can play this as a Walking Dead minecraft survival map too, of course. But don’t count on a whole lot of supplies being around to get you through the night. You could cannibalize the buildings, but that might earn you the ire of the townsfolk. Night had almost fallen before I found any food – a half eaten cake in Variede’s hotel room. There’s some scope for making a wheat farm, and I did see one lone chicken about the place, so maybe, just maybe you can find enough food to get you through those zombie infested days and zombie infested nights.

This isn’t a playable adventure or survival map at heart – though you could probably use it as either – assuming your idea of adventure is projecting your own stories onto semi-blank canvases (which mine totally is.)

Download Woodbury, Minecraft Walking Dead Map!

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