Minecraft Mountain Island Survival Map

minecraft mountain island survival map download

There’s nothing like a nice minecraft mountain survival map, one that’s been made by someone who knows how to create natural looking terrain in minecraft which leaves the player feeling as if their mountain island lair might really be able to exist somewhere in the real world.

This minecraft mountain island survival map comes with plenty of trees, so you’ll never hurt for wood, but farmable land is at a premium, so you’ll have to do some pretty heavy duty terraforming if you want to farm wheat and pigs (for bacon sandwhiches).

A cursory dig reveals that there are ores and minerals to be found beneath the island’s rocky exterior, so this is a fully functional minecraft map, unlike some others which just look pretty but are as devoid of iron as an anemic model.

Cobblestone deposits along the sides of the snowy peak hint at lava volcanic activity at some point in the past, but if this island is a volcano, it is a dormant one. The tectonic plates have moved, leaving this island paradise for whatever purposes you can come up with.

minecraft island mountain top

The view from the mountain top is stunning, but make sure to lay in supplies before making the ascent. All that leaping and jumping through snows is going to result in some serious, potentially dangerous hunger – and there’s no food at the top.

This is actually a very nice little minecraft survival map, as long as you don’t require limited resources to feel as if you’re surviving. Some resources are very limited on the island – you’re mostly going to be surviving on wheat and perhaps some mushroom soup. Wild pigs, chickens and cows will eventually spawn too of course, but with most of the island densely forested, hunting them is a difficult proposition – and that’s before the hidden skeletons and zombies sheltering in the shade.

Download Minecraft Mountain survival map!

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