Hole Fall Minecraft Sky Survival Map Download

minecraft menger sponge survival map download

Hole Fall is a minecraft survival map full of holes. It’s actually a minecraft menger sponge survival map. And you’re right in the middle of it all, stuck on a sliver of grass – or, if you pass through the portal, on a thin sliver of netherrack.

falling hole minecraft survival map

The only way to ‘win’ is to move from the center of the map out to the edges and start harvesting the many resources available. Watch the holes though, they’re omnipresent – though regularly spaced so you should be able to avoid them. The penalty for falling is death, so there’s that to consider.

minecraft menger survival map

This is very much a classic minecraft survival map. There’s just one tree to start working with, so prepare your tree farming skills. There’s no need to make a cobblestone generator, even though there is a little bit of sky block in this map with the whole ‘plunge to doom every few feet’ element.

With over 60 achievements to get, you’ll be busy for quite some time, taking this monument to repetitious order and creating a livable space. Though there are plenty of resources, the menger sponge is very large and also perfectly uniform. That means the risk of getting lost is almost as high as the risk of stepping on a block that isn’t there and losing all your materials.

Making matters even more difficult are the mob spawners placed throughout the sponge. Of course, the mobs are almost as likely as you to fall through an inconvenient hole. Am I mentioning holes and falling a lot? I suppose so, which just goes to show that this is a very aptly named map.

A fun minecraft survival map with an interesting mathematical twist, this is a must download for any fans of classic minecraft survival maps based on resource gathering, crafting and very little else.

Download Hole Fall Survival!

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