The Grid, Minecraft Survival Map

minecraft the grid survival map download

A new minecraft sky survival based map, The Grid manages to be both classic and innovative. Like a titanium cravat, or a soup made of future. The Grid is comprised of a tall chain of minecraft block hollow squares, separated by minecraft hollow space. It is your task to harvest resources from the grid and ultimately create a cosy home in which to dwell.

minecraft grid survival map download

This is certainly a challenging map, partly because the grid layout increases your chances of falling severalfold, but also because the task of collecting resources from this very extensive grid is a painstaking and laborious one. Nothing is made easy for the player.

view from the grid spawn point

From the moment you spawn, you feel the uncertainty and precariousness of your position. Lava overhead at first seems to be a fatal trap, but turns out that it is still lava, so as long as you don’t leap upwards into it you should be fine.

falling minecraft

The image above shows you the view you’ll have if you happen to take the wrong step. It is very difficult to correct after making an error, and, like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, you’ll have plenty of time to consider your folly as you fall and fall and fall. You don’t spawn at the top of the grid, you seem to spawn maybe 1/3 of the way down it. The resources immediately at your disposal are a half stack or so of dirt and a dozen or so wooden logs. People used to being coddled with free trees and saplings will have to reconsider their idea of a hard minecraft survival map. The gravel placed at intervals along the grid is just waiting for you to make its day and try punching it.

the grid minecraft map

There are also some ores to play with, the opportunity to make torches to light the grid at night has been afforded to you. If you play this on anything other than peaceful, you have to be prepared to lose everything you’ve worked for and happen to have in your inventory if a single mob spots you. On the flipside, you’ll get to see creepers take a long walk off a short wooden plank, every cloud having a silver lining and whatnot.

Are you read to pit your wits against the grid? Download The Grid Minecraft Survival Map!

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