Left 4 Dead: McDonalds Minecraft Zombie Survival Map

minecraft mcdonalds left 4 dead map

Can ¬†you survive the wave of zombies coming your way? Probably not, but holed up inside an abandoned McDonalds, you might as well do your best to try, as having your brain eaten sometimes offends. This is a multiplayer minecraft survival map, designed for up to four people. Or one, terribly unfortunate person. Is it difficult? Yes, it is fairly difficult, or as we in gaming-land like to say ‘challenging’.

Be warned that the map starts very quickly once you get inside the McDonalds and the zombies are relentless. You will learn to hate button operated iron doors if you don’t already – because nothing is worse than trying to get through a door that is only open for half a second whilst zombies pummel the back of your head. You are provided with some armor in McDonald’s colors. I call it armor, it’s really just dyed leather and offers about as much protection as a thin spreading of olive oil. The only ray of hope in the whole affair are the storage chests and the drink dispensers, where some useful potions and raw foodstuffs can be found.

No crafting is allowed in this minecraft survival map, though anvils are provided so you can repair your tools and armor in between zombie attacks. There’s really not an awful lot of time ‘in between’, nor are there a lot of materials to repair your items with, so don’t get your hopes up, this is probably a losing battle. Especially if you’re playing singleplayer without the help of comrades and allies.

I also noted that occasionally a random creeper will spawn inside the restaurant, adding further chaos to the mix. There’s really no guarantee of safety anywhere in the map, except in the freezer room, (until Jeb teaches zombies to open redstone doors, anyway). Retreat, run, fight, survive, die, it’s all the same in the end.

Download the Minecraft Left4Dead McDonalds Map!

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