ZomBeatBox Minecraft 1.5 Survival Map

custom zombies minecraft survival map

This minecraft survival map is highly customized and makes heavy use of the command block. It also contains custom zombies, six different kinds of zombies, each made obvious by the fact that their heads are made of blocks. Each different type of zombie drops a different and unique kind of material. Some zombies drop fuel, others drop food, still others drop building supplies.

The map itself is fairly sparse, but by fighting zombies you’ll be able to gather all the materials you could ever need. If you need anything you can’t get by punching a zombie in the face, then there’s always the custom minecraft mall. The mall does not use villager shopkeepers, but uses a ‘punch the wall buttons’ system to allow you to buy items like armor, enchantments and weapons. There’s also a handy little ‘unwanted items to xp’ converter, where you can discard any unwanted items (rotten flesh, anybody?) for 2 xp.

minecraft zombeatbox survival map download

This is, without a doubt, one of the most well made survival maps available for minecraft 1.5. There’s a pleasant tactical element that comes from being able to choose your own starting gear, and also to choose your own starting location. There are four locations in which you can try to survive, marked from easy to very hard. Starting in an easy region will allow you to build up some items and xp before moving on to more difficult levels. Then again, those with a little luck and skill might prefer to face the danger head on and avoid the zombie punching grind.

The custom zombies are, without a doubt, the highlight of the map. Fighting zombies with crafting table heads and grass block heads is much more interesting than fighting hordes of identical zombies that drop nothing besides rotten flesh. My first interaction with a zombie resulted in some bonemeal, dirt and grass blocks – which I was then free to use as I pleased.

This is one of the most creative survial maps I’ve ever played – perhaps the beginning of an entirely new genre of minecraft survival maps, ones that require tactical thinking and a little planning rather than the simple ability to build a cobblestone generator.

Download ZomBeatBox Custom Zombies Minecraft Survival Map for 1.5!

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