Sky Corundum Minecraft Sky Survival Map Download

minecraft sky survival shop map download

There’s a platform in the sky. On this platform is a tree and evidence of someone having tried to pretty up the place before you go there. To your left is a sky ship, which goes nowhere. It’s all very disappointing really, the sort of conditions that could easily lead to dangerous levels of Steve depression – if it weren’t for the challenges!

Oh the sky survival challenges!

minecraft sky ship survival map

You might be wondering what a corundum is, and what it has to do with this map. The answers are as follows a) an aluminium oxide and b) very little, but I suspect the map maker thought it sounded good. And it does, so kudos there.

With limited space and even fewer resources, this map follows very firmly in the tradition of Sky Block and other minecraft survival challenge maps. The idea is simply to expand the island to the point that you no longer fall off if you sneeze. It’s also a good idea to use the natural bounty provided by the land to grow crops and possibly even spawn a few mobs. Protein is important not just for survival, but for keeping one’s spirits up. On the one hand you can be stuck on an island in the sky with nothing for company, on the other, you can be stuck on an island in the sky with nothing but a juicy steak. I think I’ve made my point.

The challenges themselves are fairly standard. There’s no ‘discover the meaning of life’, or ‘re-write Twilight from the perspective of Bella’s socks’ (a Twilight reference? That’s so 3008! But you’re 2000 and late. BEP!) Anyway, as I was saying, the challenges are the sort of thing you’d expect to find in a map like this. They include:

  • Find and smelt iron ore.
  • Farm chickens.
  • Farm sugar cane.
  • Farm wheat.
  • Build something out of redstone. (A monument to despair might be nice.)

Ready to meet the challenge?

Download Sky Corundum, Minecraft Sky Survival Map!

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