Surface of the Sun, Minecraft Lava Survival Map Download

surface of the sun minecraft survival map

A classic minecraft survival map, Surface of the Sun challenges the player to live in an extremely hostile, lava filled environment. The map begins with the player aboard a space shuttle being hit by solar flares. Your only chance to survive is to hit warp drive and hope things go well.

Things go… well, they go. You manage to keep one of your many lives anyway. Landing on the surface of the sun, you find yourself in the broken wreckage of a high-tech terraforming machine. If you want to survive, you’ll need to build shelter to protect yourself from the searing heat of the lava surrounding you on all sides – and you’ll need to find a way to terraform the surface of the sun so you can grow crops. Give no thought to any planets who might need the sun to stay a burning mass of gases, it’s all about you and your inexplicable heat resistance – right?

As you search through the wreckage of your once proud vessel, you discover several useful items. A block of green green grass promises new life, and with a limited supply of sand and dirt, not to mention a precious sapling – it seems like it might just be possible to make this star home.

In the distance, you can see other items from the wreckage. If only you could reach them, you might be able to obtain even more useful items.

This isn’t a super pretty map. It’s not going to blow you away with epic landscapes. What it does do extremely well is put the player in a very hostile environment with very limited resources. Players of classic minecraft survival maps will enjoy this map, which has a nice solid introduction that is rather enjoyable from a story perspective. Every item in this map is there not only for a reason, but because it makes sense in the context of a space crash.

Download Surface of the Sun!

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