The Realm Of Ethereon, Minecraft Fantasy Survival Map Download

huge minecraft fantasy survival map

A minecraft survival world like no other, the Realm of Ethereon was once a proud place. A civilization spanned the isles – traces of it still remain today, but much has been eroded by time and swallowed by jungles. It is up to you, intrepid minecraft survival player, to once more enter the realm of Ethereon and restore it to its former glory. Explore dungeons and ancient tombs, uncover the mystery of what went on before your arrival. (more…)

Bathroom Survival, Minecraft Bathtub Challenge Map

bathroom survival minecraft map

Being in a bathroom isn’t always easy. There’s a lot of water and slippery surfaces abound. Also, it’s dashed hard to grow wheat in there. That’s what makes this minecraft survival challenge map so very hard.

Life Underground, Minecraft Cave Survival Map Download

minecraft underground survival map download

Life Underground is a minecraft survival map that begins underground and ends underground – unless of course you break the rules and run around in the skyline for a bit. The map is suitable for up to three players, though like all minecraft maps it is probably best played in solitude. (more…)

Lonely Island Minecraft Survival Map

minecraft survival island download

A tiny island in a large ocean biome, Lonely Island is a minecraft survival map after the classic survival island style. It is smaller than the original survival island map, so people who like to be cozy about their survival experiences are going to enjoy it.

Of course players will have to expand their landholdings should they want to grow food or tend stock. This can be done by digging deep into the island or striking out into the waters to collect dirt and sand.

This is certainly a simple survival map. There aren’t a whole lot of bells and whistles on this map, there’s no starting chest, there are no special traps, no custom mobs, no redstone contraptions, no hidden chests. There is just you, the island and the sea.

Minecraft Lonely Island Survival Map Download Link

Temple of Doom, Minecraft Survival Adventure Map Download

minecraft temple of doom map download

This map begins on a rainy night on a platform high above the lands, pistons churning, powering your airship. But all is not well. The storm is too rough and you find yourself crashing down, down, down, into a room of white wool and light – and then into the wreckage of your once proud airship. Parts are scattered all over the landscape, the white sails tossed atop a tree. (more…)

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