Temple of Doom, Minecraft Survival Adventure Map Download

minecraft temple of doom map download

This map begins on a rainy night on a platform high above the lands, pistons churning, powering your airship. But all is not well. The storm is too rough and you find yourself crashing down, down, down, into a room of white wool and light – and then into the wreckage of your once proud airship. Parts are scattered all over the landscape, the white sails tossed atop a tree.

That’s when things get difficult. The map slams itself into adventure mode, making breaking blocks impossible. It’s a good idea to find the path leading away from the crash site and not just wander into the middle of nowhere. With your blocky hands metaphorically tied, you have to follow where the map leads.

When you find the skull temple as shown in the image above, you’ll know that you’re doing it right. You’ll also know that you’re about to walk into the mouth of a skull and hit the save point in the first room.

Then there’s a maze. Which I hate. I hate mazes. But this one wasn’t all that painful. What came after it however, the first combat challenge, that was very painful. You’re given two diamond swords. And then bad things happen.

This is a challenging map which is more adventure than survival. Oh, and be warned, once you enter the temple of doom, there’s no easy way to turn back. It is onwards and upwards – oh, and you should probably sleep when the game tells you to sleep.

Temple of Doom Minecraft Map Download Link!

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