The Realm Of Ethereon, Minecraft Fantasy Survival Map Download

huge minecraft fantasy survival map

A minecraft survival world like no other, the Realm of Ethereon was once a proud place. A civilization spanned the isles – traces of it still remain today, but much has been eroded by time and swallowed by jungles. It is up to you, intrepid minecraft survival player, to once more enter the realm of Ethereon and restore it to its former glory. Explore dungeons and ancient tombs, uncover the mystery of what went on before your arrival.

With stunning landscapes, tall mountains, dense rainforests and the occasional trap, this is the perfect minecraft map for anyone who likes to play survival style in a world full of exciting locations and ancient ruins. There’s adventure, but not of the ‘complete these quests’ kind and there’s survival, but not of the ‘grow 64 pieces of sugar cane’ variety. This is a world where you make your own rules and undertake adventures as you see fit. If settling down in the remains of a sleepy sea-side village appeals to you, then do that. If you have loftier goals, to explore every one of the islands, to sail the seas of Ethereon at the risk of your own life, then that too is possible.

Realm of Ethereon Minecraft Survival World Download Link

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