Bathroom Survival, Minecraft Bathtub Challenge Map

bathroom survival minecraft map

Being in a bathroom isn’t always easy. There’s a lot of water and slippery surfaces abound. Also, it’s dashed hard to grow wheat in there. That’s what makes this minecraft survival challenge map so very hard.

Is it sort of a gimmick? An oversized bathroom build complete with rubber duckie? Of course it is, but who cares? It’s fun to look at, which is half the battle really, and the map’s creators have put some serious effort into this map which they are now allowing you to tear apart with their blessing. There aren’t many bathrooms in which you’re encouraged to harvest fungus, are there?

minecraft bathtub survival map download

Survival Challenges!

There’s a solid set of challenges, some of which you can achieve without even trying – like falling off the side of the bathtub. In case you were wondering, yes the fall is survivable if you take it with full health. And a righteous heart. But mostly full health. I must warn you though – there’s no easy way up once you’ve fallen down. Be prepared to cannibalize the bathroom for sufficient materials to get yourself back to the giddy heights of the bathtub.

Other challenges include:

Sweet Tooth: grow a sugarcane farm
King of the world: get on top of the shower curtain
Squeaky Clean: dive into the bathtub
Interior Decorating: put some paintings in your house
Terrific Transparency: add some windows to your house
Author: write a book about your adventure so far
Flush: flush the toilet

There are thirty four challenges in total, ranging from traditional minecraft survival objectives, to daring one to leap atop a rubber duck. I’m on board. On board a magnificent avian sculpture, that is.

Squid Rain

One of my favorite past times in this map was watching live squid being spawned out of the shower head and falling into the bathtub. It literally rained squid, folks. Yes it did.

Wordpuncher’s Rating: 9.5/10. Does exactly what it says on the can, is well made and is a lot of fun. Also, I have a soft spot for oversized builds made in minecraft, it’s fun pretending to be the size of a flea. Or a fly. Or something else similarly sized – a spy drone, perhaps?

Bathtub Survival Map Download Link

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