Boombeard’s Battle Map! Minecraft Survival Games Download

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Yo ho ho! Boombeard’s Battle Map awaits all hearty foes wishing to unleash their worst on one another. This 320 square block survival games arena will provide plenty of trips, traps, surprises and places from which to battle your fellow mutineers.

After being forced to walk the plank from your airship, you’ll find yourself on Boombeard’s survival atol. Dominating the center of the main island is a towering volcano. Those who take the highroad will find themselves with elevation on their side, but very little else. It be sparse up there, me hearties.

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And watch yer step, lest ye end up with a peg-leg and a hook for a hand. Boombeard wanted to keep his treasure safe and he’s gone to extreme lengths to make sure that unaware landlubbers get blown to bejezzery should they step in the wrong spot.

Those wishing to play the map on a multiplayer server can visit the creators at Mountainview Minecraft, or if you wish to have a more private experience, if you wish to play with just friends or all on your Jack Sparrow lonesome, there is a download for your own personal uses.

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This map was developed for the Planet Minecraft Survival Games competition, and I reckon it’s got a great chance of placing, if not winning the whole thing outright. The atmosphere is what makes the place. The floating sky ship is almost too pretty to jump off (and she’s huge, much bigger than she looks in these itty bitty pictures,) and the lands below, why, who wouldn’t want to explore the still rumbling sides of a volcano caught in perpetual eruption?

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There are plenty of bases to hole up in and gather materials for the battles sure to come your way, but some of the most rewarding time on this map is spent simply exploring the terrain, which is almost too beautiful to have blood shed in it. Almost.

Wordpuncher’s Rating: 10/10 Gorgeous terrain, 100% custom build and a jolly good place to dance upon a dead man’s chest.

Boombeard’s Battle Island Minecraft Map Download Link

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