Minecraft Shopping Survival Map

shopping survival download

minecraft shopping survival map download

Shopping is a serious skill, much maligned in the modern world because of its association with superfluous waste, consumer greed and the destruction of the planet. But in minecraft, resources are as infinite as the universe itself, so you need feel no shame engaging in a battle of shopping survival.

Shopping survival is essentially a sky survival island map. But instead of sitting around watching a cobble generator run day and night, you get to trade with villagers, build up currency and buy your way to freedom. It’s the American dream, made in miniature.

You start your journey on the island with very limited resources, just two gold nuggets. What will you spend them on? Choose wisely! A smart investment at the outset can lead to riches and land holdings beyond your wildest dreams. A silly investment will leave you starving to death surrounded by indifferent shop keepers.

This map not only gets points for a unique survival challenge, it also gets points for being quite pretty. Even when one is tumbling into the abyss, one can’t help but enjoy the sight of the curved and twisted landscape spiraling away.

Are you ready to shop your way to success? If so, here’s all the link you’ll ever need:

Download Minecraft Shopping Survival!

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