Epic Jump Map, Minecraft Parkour Map

If you’re going to only play one minecraft parkour map in your lifetime, make it the Epic Jump Map. Not only is it well designed and challenging for beginners and experienced players alike, it has a definite charm and lightness that will appeal to old and young. There’s a definite platformer game feel, the scenery is designed in such a way that you feel a bit like the 16 bit embodiment of an 8 bit character, whatever that might mean to you.

As with all parkour based maps there is a certain amount of frustration you’ll encounter along the way. That’s okay. Frustration is good for the soul and it makes overcoming a series of obstacles all the sweeter.

I felt drawn through this map, nothing was bland and boring, everything was fresh and made with a sense of enthusiasm. A lot of parkour maps make the mistake of looking like they were designed in communist Russia, but this one with its fluffy cloud sky jumps and giant mushrooms takes the player back to a more whimsical time. There’s also a bit of a storyline to keep you entertained when merely leaping from block to block starts to lose its charms.

PRO TIP: Well, sort of amateur pro tip, if you’re finding it very difficult to complete the jumps in the normal view mode, pressing F5 will switch you to third person mode which makes things a lot easier as you can see where you’re going and where you’re standing much more effectively.

Download Epic Jump Minecraft Parkour map!

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