Isle of Biomes, Minecraft Survival Islands Map Download

minecraft biome isle survival map

Isle of Biomes is a cluster of small minecraft survival islands. Unlike the original survival island, these are some extensive islands, complete with traps and monsters and other exciting things that could possibly kill you.

Twin Peaks Minecraft Mountain Survival Map Download

minecraft two mountains map

Two large mountains. I could write more about that, but this is really just a minecraft map comprised pretty much of two very large mountains. It is geared to be a survival map, and it makes a very large and very intimidating survival experience. Shortly after spawn, I was looking for a downed plane passenger to snack on.

Obsidian Run, Minecraft Parkour Game

obsidian run minecraft parkour minigame download

This is a parkour map, but not like other parkour maps you’ve known. A minecraft version of the smartphone game, Temple Run, Obsidian Run is a fast paced parkour map which must be completed within three minutes. That’s right you’ve got just three minutes to save the world. Or you know, just your own bacon.

Guruth’s Fantasy Minecraft World | Fully Developed Fantasy City

minecraft full fantasy world download

A fully developed minecraft fantasy world, Guruth’s world isn’t terribly well named, but it is incredibly well built. What separates this minecraft fantasy map from others in the genre is the fact that it isn’t just a superficial collection of buildings which more or less emulates a city. It’s a fully planned city simulation complete with waterways, streets, and a layout that makes sense. It’s a city that feels organic, as if it has grown with a real population. (more…)

Stone Shade Gorge, Minecraft Custom Map Download

minecraft stone gorge map download

I was first drawn to this minecraft custom map because it reminded me of the terrain around Ogrimar (the main Horde city in World of Warcraft) now this map has nothing to do with WoW, but it is a stunning piece of minecraft terraforming. Great stone mountains fill the landscape, completely devoid of plant growth or other life. Nothing grows where there is no dirt or grass. These are barren lands, but small pockets of green can be found here and there. (more…)

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