Respawn, Minecraft Adventure RPG Map | Best Minecraft Adventure Map of Early 2013

respawn minecraft adventure map download

From the very moment you spawn, Respawn is an impressive minecraft adventure map. You begin the game staring into the redstone eyes of a skull statue. And it turns out, in those first precious minutes of the game – that you’re already dead. This is the respawn room, the room where Steves go after falling into lava, or having their armor worn away by a horde of skeletons.

respawn starting room minecraft adventure

Small Escape, Minecraft Oversized Map / Shrunken Adventure

small escape minecraft shrunken adventure map

Are you dreaming or are you awake in this minecraft adventure map? It’s hard to tell, but the shadowy terrain, vivid colors and weird events certainly make you think that you must be dreaming awake. The map begins very simply, you are in a small, very purple space, looking for levers and buttons to make doors open. You think that this is all very interesting, if a little standard for a minecraft map. There’s a little parkour to irritate you, and the temptation to cheat. (more…)

Mineraft Alien vs Predator Mod | Minecraft Science Fiction Mod

minecraft alien predators

The minecraft alien vs predator mod adds predator mobs, alien mobs and sci fi weapons and armor sets, transforming what was once a world building game into a feast of destruction and body bursting alien fun.

This is the perfect mod for creative players, as there are several new blocks made with the creative player in mind. A whole range of stones, dirts and other decorative blocks. There are numerous metal textures, extractor fans, grates, ceiling vents, new ores including Fragmented Diamond, Silicone and Titanium Ores, which are used in the weapon crafting system. You’ve always wanted a titanium shovel, haven’t you? You can wear your titanium armor whilst you dig your titanium garden.

When you’re done planting space carrots, you can watch Aliens and Predators do battle with one another. Though they are both hostile mobs, they are especially hostile to one another. The mob modelling on the alien mob is absolutely superb, and there has been an awful lot of attention to detail taken to make sure that the alien and predators make the right sort of sounds too.

The alien vs predator mod comes with its own installer, so it is perfect for beginner modders, and it is currently compatible with the latest version of minecraft.

Click here to learn more and download this science fiction minecraft mod!

How To Make Animated Textures In Minecraft 1.5

So you’ve seen all the cool animated minecraft textures given motion sickness, but you’re probably wondering how to make animated textures in minecraft. Wonder no longer!

For starters, you’re going to need a graphics editing program that can handle transparency and layers, like Photoshop or GIMP.

Once you have the basic graphics editing tools, making animated minecraft textures is actually really easy. You start by selecting the minecraft texture you want to animate from the textures folder of the .jar file. Let’s take brick, for example.

default texture for minecraft animation guide

(This image is zoomed into 1000% just so you can get a better view. It will probably help you to work with a significant zoom whilst you’re working on your own animated textures too.)

How To Animate Minecraft Textures

The minecraft animation system works just like a movie reel. You can ‘animate’ minecraft textures simply by adding more ‘frames’ to the item.png. The number of frames you add (and by frame, I mean vertically duplicated item image) will vary the speed of the animation. More frames means longer, smoother animation. Fewer frames means faster, more jerky animations.

Space Mines, Minecraft Space Survival Map

space mines minecraft island adventure map

From the creator of Wheel of Misfortune comes SPACE MINES, a sky island style minecraft survival map. Though it looks like all those other minecraft sky island maps, the creator has promised that it has the power to destroy hopes and dreams, which personally excites me.

You see, this isn’t just another minecraft sky survival map. This is a minecraft adventure survival sky map, or similar words to that. It has a storyline, whilst also encouraging you to make a melon farm – so something for people who like to complete tasks, and also something for people who like to have meaning in their lives.

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