Herobrine’s Return, Minecraft 1.5 Adventure Map Download

herobrine's return minecraft adventure map game download

Herobrine has returned in this epic minecraft 1.5 adventure map from Hypixel, complete with custom boss fights, custom NPC’s, custom items and a dozen new, entirely custom ways to die. This is more than a minecraft adventure map, this could almost be called a minecraft adventure game.

minecraft custom adventure items

Using many of the new features included in the 1.5 redstone update, Herobrine’s Return is an adventure map designed to shock and amaze. In spite of the impressive features, no mods are required to play, simply download the map and start playing it, either on your own or with friends. The ideal number of players is anywhere from one to three. If you are bereft of friends to play with, you can always join the Hypixel adventure lobby server, where you’ll find plenty of friends to toil and battle and best bosses with. (more…)

Pancake Survival, Minecraft 1.5 Survival Map

You’ve survived in the ocean, you’ve survived in the sky. You’ve survived in a bottle and you’ve survived in an Ant Farm. Now it is time to survive on a pancake. Seriously. Do it. Survive minecraft on a pancake.

Pancake minecraft survival is a map made by the creator of Ocean Block. The creator felt that Ocean Block was too kind to the player, Pancake Survival is an attempt to set things right, or wrong, depending on your perspective.

minecraft pancake survival map

You begin the map on a flat plane of dirt with a little pool of lava and a sole villager who will no doubt make a beeline for that lava as soon as he gets the chance. The initial chest is filled with obsidian, for people who enjoy building portals, and that’s all of us. There’s also some cocoa beans and flint. Because that’s all you need. Oh, and there’s also one tree of every kind, which makes things easy, if by easy you mean ‘full of wood’.

The Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update Guide | All Changes In Minecraft 1.5

The Minecraft 1.5 update, also known as the redstone update is now out. This handy guide to 1.5 details all changes to the game you’ve come to know and love and then re-know because somebody thought a dragon would be a good idea, so on and so forth.

If you prefer your information in video form, here’s a video detailing all 120 changes in Minecraft 1.5. If you prefer to read, keep reading.

Better Death!

Death messages have been enhanced to reflect the nature of one’s death.

Better Command Blocks!

Command blocks have been improved, now with more commands!

Redstone Changes in Minecraft 1.5

Timing on redstone devices has been changed. (Yes, this means many pre 1.5 redstone machines will stop working or fritz out.)

Daylight sensors have been added to minecraft.

Redstone comparators were added to minecraft. A redstone comparator has two inputs and one output, allowing crafters to create traps and machines in which two actions are required to set events in motion.

Huntercraft, Minecraft RPG Map

huntercraft minecraft rpg map download

Now with more lensflare and glowing lights than ever, Huntercraft is a medieval minecraft RPG map that will knock your stockings off. Begin an adventure like no other in this minecraft medieval adventure map complete with a three headed dragon, hireable bodyguards, custom NPCs and more.

minecraft medieval shipyards

The landscapes will impress you, the story will thrill you and the dragon boss will terrify you. The windmills will be grist to whet your appetite and the simple country cottages will offer shelter from the dangerous minecraft wilds. The ships will puff their billowing white sails and the stall keepers will haggle down to the ear of corn.

The Grid, Minecraft Survival Map

minecraft the grid survival map download

A new minecraft sky survival based map, The Grid manages to be both classic and innovative. Like a titanium cravat, or a soup made of future. The Grid is comprised of a tall chain of minecraft block hollow squares, separated by minecraft hollow space. It is your task to harvest resources from the grid and ultimately create a cosy home in which to dwell.

minecraft grid survival map download

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