Minecraft Horse Parkour Map Download

minecraft horse parkour download

Now that horses have joined the stable of available minecraft mods, it was only ever a matter of time before someone made a minecraft horse parkour map. Buckle Up! is that map. You’ll begin your horse parkour adventure in a room with three horses all clad in diamond armor. Choose your horse, then choose a name tag for your horse, and begin your wild leaping parkour journey.

minecraft horse parkour map

The game includes a CTM mechanic. As you complete each of the three levels (called ‘intersections’) you will get a piece of wool. This wool can be used to complete the monument and eventually prove your mastery of minecraft horsemanship. In addition to wool, you’ll need to rescue the sacred donkies placed throughout the map. Only when the sacred donkies are in place will the monument be truly complete.

A very original sort of map, this is going to take some getting used to and will provide a challenge for even the most experienced parkour players. Keep in mind, you’ll need to download the latest snapshot to play this map – either that or wait for the release of minecraft 1.6

Buckle Up and Download Minecraft Horse Parkour!

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