Skull Island Survival |Minecraft Survival Island Map

skull island minecraft survival map download

A great rocky skull with a brain full of lava greets you as you spawn on Skull Island, so named for the aforementioned massive minecraft skull. If the terrain isn’t ominous enough, consider this: custom super charged hostile mobs lurching out of the darkness. This fully customized minecraft survival map contains custom weapons as well as custom mobs however, so intrepid adventurers will have a chance of fighting back against the cracking creepers and mounted skeleton jockeys.

minecraft survival island map

With stunning tall mountains, the terrain is as compact as it is beautiful. There’s plenty to explore, but though there seems to be plenty of land to roam on when night falls you can run, but you can hardly hide.

Serious minecraft survivalists only, please!

Download Skull Island Minecraft Survival

Rise of the Rebellion! Minecraft Star Wars Adventure Map Download

(Star Wars Millenium Falcon Timelapse)

A minecraft machinima movie and a Star Wars minecraft adventure map, let no man say that Paradise Decay is not creatively ambitious. This fully fleged Star Wars adventure map is the natural progression from Paradise Decay’s earlier Star Wars collection works, including a downloadable Star Wars X Wing Fighter schematic.

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Rise of the Rebellion, Minecraft Star Wars Map Download!

Minecraft Forum Thread!

Star Wars Minecraft Movie Official Site

Minecraft Team Fortress 2 Maps | Minecraft TF2

Want to download minecraft TF2 mods? Play on a minecraft TF2 server, or simply download a minecraft TF2 map to play on your own! Here are all the links you need.

tf3 dustbowl map download

The most famous of all the minecraft TF2 maps is the TF2 Dustbowl map, put together by Seth Bling and Hypixel. This map is effectively a redstone game designed for 6v6 or 12v12 play. This map requires no mods at all to work, and includes eight unique player classes, each one geared to suit. Minecraft Heavies and Minecraft Scouts and Minecraft Snipers and Minecraft Medics and Minecraft Soldiers and Minecraft engineers rejoice!

Download the original TF2 Mincraft map here!

Team Fortress 2 Mod for Minecraft

Maybe you want to make your own Minecraft Team Fortress 2 map, but want it to operate realistically. The Minecraft TF2 mod takes care of that, allowing you to craft turrets and carry about wrenches, and set up sentry guns and teleporters and that sort of thing.

Official Minecraft TF2 Server Site For TF2 Minecaft multiplayer fun, visit the ‘official’ MC TF2 server site and join hundreds of other Minecraft Team Fortress players.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft | Tips From Okta

These minecraft super tips comes from Okta’s ‘Five Things You May Not Know About Minecraft’ series, a great little YT series perfect for people who have been playing minecraft for a while and are interested in learning the tricks the pros use.

* Zombies will only burn in the sun if they are standing on a full block. Half blocks will keep zombies from burning.

* You can breed chickens with netherwort, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds and grass seeds.

* Leads can be unleashed by throwing snowballs at them, shooting them with an arrow, throwing an egg or tossing an ender pearl in their direction.

minecraft carpet fence stairs

* Fences can be used as stairs if carpets are placed on top of them. This means you can build steep, tall staircases which are ascended super quickly.

*Using a nametag and calling a mob ‘Dinnerbone’ or ‘Grumm’ will make them turn upside down.

Check out Okta’s Five Things You May Not Know About Minecraft:


Sea Block Survival, Minecraft Ocean Survival Map Download

oceanblock survival map download

A command block enabled, Minecraft 1.6 survival map, Sea Block survival is exactly what you think it will be. There is a lot of sea, and not a lot of block. The block is up to you to create, you see. In addition to the lack of block, there are plenty of structures to explore. Some of them contain treasures. Some of them contain pain. Some of them contain the answer of the question who shot first.

Download it!

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