Red Dead Redstone, Minecraft Western Adventure Map Download

red dead redstone minecraft wild west adventure map

This open world Minecraft Western adventure, Red Dead Redstone, is a must download. I’ll say that at the outset, because, dagnammit and tarnation. Why is it a must download? Well, for starters, its big. Texas big. Home on the range big. Deer and antelope playing big. And the bigness is just the beginning.

Rosadu, Asian Steampunk Minecraft Download

rosadu minecraft asian fantasy map download

A minecraft fantasy map like no other, Rosadu is crafted in an Asian Steampunk fantasy aesthetic that is quite beautiful. Avatar meets the Last Airbender, for want of a better description involving two movie names that start with the letter ‘A’.

SburbCraft, MS Paint, Minecraft CTM Adventure Map

sburbcraft minecraft ms paint adventure map sun rise

Based on the popular MS Paint Adventures, SburbCraft is a minecraft CTM adventure map with more scope than you can shake a shoddily drawn MS Paint stick at. With possibly the best minecraft texture pack in the world, this is is to minecraft maps what an industrial furnace is to your home toaster oven.

Troll Adventure, Troll Minecraft Map

minecraft troll face

This is a minecraft map made with one intention and purpose in mind – to troll the player over and over and over again. Terrible things happen in this minecraft map – and don’t even think about cheating, because they only get worse if you do cheat.

Minecraft Horses, A How To Guide For Minecraft 1.6

wild minecraft horses

Minecraft snapshot 13w16 is the best snapshot of all time. I feel as if I’m discovering a whole new minecraft, and I’m stoked. With minecraft horses, minecraft haybales and minecraft ‘leashes’ which can be used to tie almost any minecraft mob to a fence, this includes, but is not limited to, horses, sheep and pigs.

How To Play Minecraft Snapshot 13w16

This minecraft snapshot is also unique due to the new launcher it comes packaged with. So to play the snapshot, all you have to do is download minecraft 13w16 from Mojang here.

Minecraft Horses

Minecraft horses spawn wild. They are based on the Mo’Creatures horse mobs, but are actually quite a bit prettier (in my opinion). They also have completely adorable ‘rearing and bucking’ animations in which the horse opens its mouth, rears back on its hind legs and waves the front legs in the air. You can make a horse rear by right clicking them with a carrot. They will also rear if you try to saddle them without having tamed them first.

minecraft horse bucking

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