Area 51 Minecraft Alien Adventure Map

minecraft area 51 map download

Area 51 has always been a place of mystery. Now that is has been rendered in minecraft you have the opportunity to discover the secrets of Area 51 for yourself. Hint: They’re square. And dark. Quite rather very dark, so dark that you yourself might forget how to correctly grammar.

minecraft area 51 abandoned city

Be warned this is an artistic interpretation of Area 51, it’s not the actual expanse of desert, most of which is patrolled by zealous military guards. This build is huge, as in, you spawn in creative mode and it still takes hours (change to survival by typing “/gamemode playername survival”.)

the core of area 51

The map has three main areas. Hovering above earth is an alien ship – clearly hostile given the destruction it has wreaked on the city below. A flyby of the alien ship base (which rather puts me in mind of the alien ship in Independence Day) reveals aircraft ready to take off and radioactive lava core power sources still running as they were when abandoned by the aliens.

Underneath the alien vessel are the remains of a once great human city, emerald tipped buildings and office blocks destroyed and rotting away under the forces of time. Fires still burn in some parts of the abandoned city, testament to the destruction that was wreaked there. Great government buildings still stand, and a portal to the nether remains as a reminder to the technological prowess of the now lost civilization.

area 51 prison complex

Pass through the portal and you’ll find where the inhabitants of the city. If massive industrial prison complexes appeal to you, then you’ll be happy as a pig in mud. With packs of wolf dogs watching over prisoners 24/7, you can try trading with villagers for a few bits and pieces. The prison black market has clearly been thriving, but be careful – some prisons are harder to escape than others.

Area 51 Minecraft Map Download!

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