Minecraft Steampunk Animated Tools

minecraft animated tools

The animated tools and weapons featured in this article are part of the Broken Anachronism 64x Texture Pack, which is in development for minecraft 1.5. Designed with a Steampunk aesthetic in mind, these minecraft tools are animated with working mechanisms. No pretty but useless spinning wheels and cogs here, every moving part makes sense and serves a purpose. The first spinning doodad you see featured above is the diamond axe or hatchet, used for chopping down trees. The rotating blade cuts through wood at twice the speed of its iron counterpart.

minecraft diamond automatic shovel

This is the diamond pick, for instance. In true Steampunk style, it has been turned into a spring loaded pick, pushed down by a wheel driven wedge and then snapped back into place by the strong spring at the top of the tool. The detail for this minecraft pick even goes so far as to including the recoil resulting from the spring action.

Broken Anachronism is a brilliant texture pack, in addition to these whirling bits of high end Steampunk machinery, it also features the earlier tiers of tooling. The wood items are especially amusing, based on the concept that they are only slightly more effective than using one’s hands for the task. So the wooden shovel becomes a wooden spoon, the wooden hoe becomes a prosthetic leg and the axe is a battered old reclaimed stop sign. This is, therefore, the perfect texture pack for anyone looking for HD minecraft Steampunk textures – or even those playing an apocalypse style map. There is a certain ‘reclaimed technology’ feel to this texture pack that fits with the world as we know it having gone down the gurgler.

broken anachronism wooden hoe leg

This is the leg your father farmed with and his father’s father farmed with, so get mashing that boot into the soil, we’ve got crops to grow!

View the full album of tools and weapons on the Broken Anachronism Minecraft Steampunk texture pack imgur gallery!

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