Greener Pastures Minecraft Farm CTM Map Download

minecraft ballon field farm

I do love CTM maps and I also love minecraft farm maps. Greener Pastures combines a CTM challenge with a farming challenge to create the ultimate minecraft map for people who like to till the earth. Under a glowstone lit sky, it is your job to climb, explore and mine your way through obstacles until such time as the monument is completed.

There are some traps and tricks in store for those who think all things come easily, so I suggest you run if you hear anyone laughing out of turn. This map was created by Karrot, who is a jester of his craft.

minecraft farm ctm map

farm ctm map

With dozens of unique environments, and a great many opportunities for travel. A farm monument like sound like a little parochial CTM map, but there is nothing small or boring about this map. The secret is in finding your way out of the various areas and into others, where more surprises inevitably await. (And there’s nothing like an inevitable surprise.)

Download Greener Pastures!

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