Broken Anachronism, High Definition Steampunk Texture Pack (64x)

minecraft steampunk animated texture pack

A HD minecraft steampunk texture pack, Broken Anachronism is a seriously impressive piece of work. I featured some of the animated tools from this texture pack here when it was still a work in development. They were pretty stunning on their own, but the entire texture pack is a work of minecraft steampunk art.

minecraft steampunk food textures

This is a perfect texure pack for anyone wanting to enjoy a post-apocalyptic experience, or someone with a yearning for the simpler days that never were of Steampunk. At 64x, this won’t reduce your CPU to charred scrap, but it will improve the appearance of your minecraft game a great deal. There’s much more to it than just animated tools and a sort of metal aesthetic, rusty tin cans take the place of the bowl of mushroom soup (Campbell’s Mush is better for you anyway.) Cookies are fly infested and something terrible has happened to the apples. The sugar bowl looks like something from Miss Havisham’s apartment of broken dreams and the wheat has definitely seen better days. But you’ll struggle through it all, because you’re a survivor in a hell of your own creation.

minecraft embryo egg texture

Possibly my favorite texture of all is the spawn egg, which has become a nascent embryo trapped inside a steampunk glass chamber. This was not just created for the purposes of looking a little like an old biological laboratory, there’s actual made up science behind it. As the creator explains: “The amazing embryo grenade! Pull the pin, give it a toss, and you have yourself a full grown critter! It comes in over a dozen exciting flavors! How does it work? Contained in each glass capsule is a real living embryo! Embryos are boring, and not so menacing, that’s why we included a massive dose of powerful growth hormone! Pulling the pin will rupture the internal growth hormone chamber, causing the embryo inside to grow to full size right before your eyes.”

Check out more screenshots, and download the updated version of Broken Anachronism, complete with animated textures!

Or direct Planet Minecraft download!

minecraft steampunk seed packets

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