Sky Corundum Minecraft Sky Survival Map Download

minecraft sky survival shop map download

There’s a platform in the sky. On this platform is a tree and evidence of someone having tried to pretty up the place before you go there. To your left is a sky ship, which goes nowhere. It’s all very disappointing really, the sort of conditions that could easily lead to dangerous levels of Steve depression – if it weren’t for the challenges!

Minecraft Master’s Hospital Parkour Puzzle Map

masters hospital minecraft puzzle map download

A minute into this alleged minecraft adventure map I was running around a maze being chased by a creeper. It was possible to escape by climbing some blocks and running away, but that left me in the position of having to parkour around the place – now above the marauding creeper, in order to find a way out of the room. I loved it. And you will too. As long as you love puzzles and aren’t too big on traditional adventure memes, like a story. Or a narrator that doesn’t actively hate you. (more…)

Mycelium Survival, Minecraft Mushroom Biome Survival Map Download

minecraft mushroom biome survival map

A minecraft map made of mushrooms, Mycelium survival pits the player against a world full of mushroom spores and very little else. Grass is at a premium, but mycelium isn’t – which is great news for lovers of fungus.

A fascinating looking map with a rotund protuberance (otherwise known as a hill) and plenty of great underground caverns to explore, this is quite an interesting survival map, which will be won or lost based on your ability to gather resources and put them in one place.

Link To The Past Minecraft Zelda Map

a link to the past minecraft map

The SNES game Link To The past has been lovingly recreated in minecraft. You can now explore Kakariko village in minecraft, as well as the Thieves Guild, the Lost Forest, Hyrule Forest, the Blacksmith and even visit the Flute Kid. Nostalgia away!

Download A Link to the Past Minecraft SNES Map

The Misty Skull Minecraft Adventure Map Download

misty skull minecraft adventure map download

The Misty Skull, a lord of the undead is coming for you. So I suggest you get ready. The longer you wait, the more undead warriors he rises to plague the land of Minecraftia.

With thirteen months of development behind it, there are some very impressive builds in The Misty Skull adventure map. The storyline of this map is pretty much one big long build up to a boss fight against the namesake of the map – The Misty Skull himself.

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