Diversity Two Minecraft Map Download

diversity 2 minecraft download

The first Diversity minecraft map was good (and by good, I mean one of the most popular minecraft downloads of all time, so the second must be better. Diversity 2 is an even better, more diverse and all round awesome.

What is Diversity 2? Essentially it is a minecraft CTM map, but it is also a lot more than that. Each level of the map involves various challenges from various minecraft map genres. For example, some levels will require a grasp of minecraft parkour techniques, whilst others will require you to solve minecraft puzzles and still others require you to go on minecraft adventures of epic proportions. Between fighting zombies, falling prey to traps, wondering what the next turn will be this is shaping up to be the hottest minecraft download since that time they said Notch was going to sell Minecraft to Microsoft.

This map can be played in either single or multiplayer formats and promises a well rounded minecraft challenge for even the most seasoned player, whilst still being easy enough to allow newbies to acquaint themselves with the most time honored minecraft tradition of all time – the rage quit.

Download Diversity 2, Minecraft’s Diversity Sequel Map Here!

Rail Maze, Minecraft Minecart Puzzle

railway maze minecraft map puzzle

This minecart minecraft puzzle map is as original as it is made of iron bars – and it is made of a lot of iron bars. The object of Rail Maze is to solve puzzles, be awesome and navigate your minecart through a series of railway related obstacles in order to triumph over yourself and the map maker. The railway aspect of this game is not at all trivial, in fact, you must become something of a minecraft railway specialist, adept at changing track directions, enlisting pistons in the battle against losing and generally understanding what levers and buttons do what. I’m not saying this minecraft map will make you a qualified train driver, but I am saying it will set you on the path toward becoming the best train driver there ever was. Because I’m a liar.

Download Rail Maze Minecraft Puzzle Map Here!

Diversity, Minecraft CTM / Adventure / Dropper Multi-Genre Map Download

diversity minecraft multi map

Diversity is actually more than a minecraft adventure map. IT’s also a minecraft arena map, a minecraft CTM map, a minecraft trivia map, a minecraft parkour map and the list goes on, including minecraft activities such as: minecraft dropper levels, minecraft survival levels and more. This map is the Philosopher’s Stone of minecraft maps, in other words. For every type of challenge completed, you are awarded a precious block of colored wool, which can be used to complete the monument, thus proving your mastery of all minecraft genres.

The latest version of Diversity was released on the 6th of August. I downloaded all 14.5 MBs and played it. The first thing about this map you should note is that it is made in Adventure mode. This means that for much of the map, there’s not a lot of crafting and there’s certainly no mining. In fact, these activities are strongly frowned upon.

Ender Virus, An Educational Minecraft Puzzle Map

minecraft virus map download

Ender Virus is a minecraft puzzle map that looks like a virus, feels like a virus and acts like a virus. It will replicate frustrating puzzles until you best it with a superior immune system and cells that reject its dangerous code injecting probe. In addition to being a ‘fun’ puzzle map, Ender Virus also teaches the player a great deal about the structure and operations of all viruses, which makes this a very educational minecraft map.

Download Minecraft Ender Virus Puzzle Map

The Return, A Minecraft Puzzle Adventure Map

return minecraft adventure puzzle map

Puzzles are fun for people who don’t have enough meaningless frustration in their daily lives. The Return is a minecraft puzzle adventure map that seeks to provide a level of challenging that might otherwise be missing. It’s more than a game. It’s a substitute for being locked in a perspex room with a blowtorch and a rabid monkey, like we did in the old days.

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