Troll Adventure, Troll Minecraft Map

minecraft troll face

This is a minecraft map made with one intention and purpose in mind – to troll the player over and over and over again. Terrible things happen in this minecraft map – and don’t even think about cheating, because they only get worse if you do cheat.

Minecraft Master’s Hospital Parkour Puzzle Map

masters hospital minecraft puzzle map download

A minute into this alleged minecraft adventure map I was running around a maze being chased by a creeper. It was possible to escape by climbing some blocks and running away, but that left me in the position of having to parkour around the place – now above the marauding creeper, in order to find a way out of the room. I loved it. And you will too. As long as you love puzzles and aren’t too big on traditional adventure memes, like a story. Or a narrator that doesn’t actively hate you. (more…)

The Stranded Pirate, Minecraft Adventure Map Download

Uh oh… looks like someone sailed his or her boat right into the side of a whacking great island. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Arrr me hearties! Are you the swashbuckling sort? Do you have it in you to solve puzzles, survive on a peaceful island and eventually escape? This is basically an adventure map for the sort of pirate who preferred crosswords to plundering. A smart pirate survives long enough to pass his or her genes along and become an evolutionary pirate success. But we are digressing. (I’ve been watching too many documentaries about tiger breeding.)

Hoe-Craft, Minecraft Portal Map Download

This is a map with one mission: to elevate the humble diamond hoe to a new level in the minecraft community. For years a diamond hoe has been considered about as useful as a bathtub full of sand, but Hoe-Craft Minecraft Puzzle Map puts the diamond hoe at the forefront of all things. Nothing can be achieved without your hoe. So love your hoe. Treat your hoe well, and upgrade it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The map has been made in the portal genre, which means you better be proficient at tossing cubes into other cubes. Placing blocks has no place here! This map contains elements from the puzzle and parkour genres, not to mention a certain soupcon of adventure. This is not a map for those who want to mine and craft, this is a map for people who want to best the devious mind that devised it.

Like other maps I’ve reviewed recently, this map uses the cutting edge command block technology included in the latest minecraft snapshot. So you’ll need to be proficient in .jar switching in order to play.

Download Hoe-Craft Minecraft Adventure Puzzle Map!

Temple Of The Three Gods Minecraft Adventure Map Download

What makes an amazing minecraft adventure map? Landscapes that take one’s breath away. Traps and tricks to boggle the mind. A story that entices rather than plods. The Temple Of The Three Gods is a minecraft adventure map that not only meets all these criteria, but blows them out of the water.

This map has character. Far from simply channeling you through a story it tempts you towards it, which is quite a different thing. The map also has no qualms about putting you through your paces, sinking your time into consuming tasks (like the almost never-ending stairs that begin the game.)

The creators also clearly understand something about pacing. There are slow moments, almost tedious moments, but they lead to high excitement and wonder. In addition to the main quests are side quests. All the quests require a certain amount of puzzling and ingenuity and success is not always guaranteed.

The rewards for all this work are great however, with a great temple to explore that almost defies understanding with its sheer size and scope. It took a great deal of restraint not to post spoiler-ish pictures of this place, but I will urge you to discover it for yourself.

Oh and there’s a maze. A maze that may very well drive you mad, especially if you happen to be ever so slightly claustrophobic. All of this and the map is good for 1 – 4 players, fun for all the family – or at least four of them.

Download The Temple Of The Three Gods Minecraft Adventure Map. Do It. Do It Now.

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