Professor Perk and Redtopia, Minecraft Adventure Map

A redstone based minecraft adventure map, now there’s something different. I say adventure map, this is pretty much a comprehensive redstone tutorial masquerading as an adventure map. They’re trying to make us learn! They’re trying to make us learn! Persevere through the first couple of lessons however and you’ll be treated to thrills and spills as the map maker turns his knowledge of redstone on you, plunging you to certain death only to rescue you at the last moment and laugh about it. Ho ho ho. Merry lava everybody!

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to use redstone to create impressive hidden doors, traps and minecraft machines, then this is a map you simply must play. Spend a little time wandering around the initial levels to grasp the basics, then get blasted into oblivion as the map maker wreaks his power upon thee. There’s fun and challenges ahead, and a solid puzzle solving element as well.

There’s also a scoring system based on how many gold and iron ingots you can find in hidden and not so hidden chests, so for those who are motivated by the notion of numbers as a measure of success, there’s something for you here too.

Also: parkour!

The texture pack is largely based on the default textures, but adds a few modern touches, like glass doors, which make for a pleasantly scientific look, but confuse the heck out of some players on their first play through *cough* me *cough*. There’s a few other textures that add to the ambiance as well, like the Professor Perk, who pops up after the first few rounds to gently point out the fact that the computer has gone rogue and the rest of the map will be spent with the computer trying to hurt you.

And that, my friends, is where the adventure really picks up. Gluts of fire rain down upon you as lava soaks across the floor and your knowledge seems too pitiful to save you. For an exciting and adventurous map of minecraft redstone learning….

Download Professor Perk and Redtopia!

Clueless Minecraft Puzzle Map

Clueless is a minecraft puzzle map with a difference. The difference being that there are no clues* and it is up to you to work out how on earth you’re supposed to get out of the place you find yourself stuck in. Hordes of puzzles stand between you and a certain sense of freedom. Okay not hordes, but you will wish for hordes when you find yourself confronted by these machinations of an evil mind. Some of them are traditional minecraft jump style puzzles, others involve the use of sound and a plethora of redstone. My only real complaint with this map is that some of the puzzles are really quite hard. But that’s a good thing if you’re the sort of person who enjoys wanting to slam their forehead against their keyboard until something is solved. I, for one, found the experience of standing in front of a wall of obsidian pressing buttons and listening for the precise note emanating from a nearby block to be quite a fascinating experience.

Download Clueless, Minecraft Puzzle Map!

(*The complete lack of clues quickly turns out to be an exaggeration. There are some clues hidden hither and thither, so that’s nice.)

Destiny, Minecraft Adventure Puzzle Map

I really rather like the name of this minecraft map download, Destiny. It’s like when you call your dog something like ‘Mike’. Then you can yell things like ‘hurry up and take a dump, Mike’ or ‘stop humping the guests, Mike.

Destiny comes with it’s own texture pack. (A modified Doku pack.) Destiny tends to hold your hand throughout your adventures. Destiny is your constant companion, your friend and ultimately the cause of your demise. Destiny is forever alone. But Destiny is also horribly cliched in some respects, you spawn in confusion, as in so many minecraft maps. Are we truly to believe that the only way to begin a minecraft map is in a bizarre state of partial amnesia? Surely Destiny could do better than that.

Destiny has continuous narration provided through signs, which I rather like. It’s much better than reading through tedious text documents. So double points for destiny there.

Destiny thinks that the primary use for cookies is DNA testing.

In many respects, Destiny is a bit like a game of golf, a nice stroll through a pretty landscape.

Destiny is sometimes confusing. The beginning of the adventure is deliberately obfuscated from the player with numerous ‘false starts’ that make one wonder if one is actually playing the map yet or not.

Destiny makes you question your sanity a little more than is probably good for you.

Destiny has a storyline that keeps you guessing and puzzles that will make you scratch your head whilst you guess. So basically, it’s a one size fits all minecraft wash for your brain. By the time you are done with this map you will not only be satisfied, but possibly a little wiser than you were when you began play.

Download Destiny, Minecraft Puzzle Adventure Map!

Sherlock Holmes and the Blocky Conspiracy Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle Map Download

I love me a little Sherlock Holmes I do. A little Victorian flavor always makes the vagaries of modern day life a little more bearable. Even if you only open this map and wander around it for a bit without reading any of the clues, solving any off the puzzles or indulging in any adventure whatsoever it will be worth it. The representation of Victorian London alone justifies the download.

If you do delve into the story, you’ll be delighted by the creative touches put in place by the author of this tale, a man who has no qualms about doing a British accent with the enthusiasm only a citizen of an ex colony can muster. In addition to the usual notes and signs there is also a full set of video cut scenes to feast your eyes and ears upon.

This is a wonderful minecraft adventure / puzzle map, with a great deal of attention to detail. The creator has gone quite out of their way to immerse you in the mystery of the Blocky Conspiracy. Now it is up to you to prove yourself worthy of the mantle of Holmes.

Download Sherlock Holmes and the Blocky Conspiracy Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle Map!

Chambers of JigSteve Minecraft Parkour/Puzzle Map

This is a minecraft map based on the movie ‘Saw’, which makes it promising out of the gate. Even though it is largely made of snow, one of the softest blocks in the minecraft universe, there’s an air of menace to it which I quite enjoyed. At times the map goes well out of its way to disorient you, and with frequent sign based interjections from the sometimes heavy handed JigSteve himself, it’s pretty hard to shake the feeling that something bad is about to happen.

If you get stuck, try looking up. Sometimes escape routes are located in the ceiling. Some might call that a spoiler, I call it saving your sanity so you don’t stand at the beginning of the map for half an hour waiting for something to happen.

The map is also quite unashamed about making you leap into lava just because you made a bad decision. It’s not so much about punishing you as it is about making you punish yourself. Note that you *need* to sleep in the beds provided after the start of the map or you’ll spawn outside it and have to re-extract it all over again.

For a good dose of psychological minefare (that’s like warfare, but with minecraft) and the escape story of a lifetime, you should play Chambers of Jigsteve.

Download Chambers of JigSteve Minecraft Parkour/Puzzle Map

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