Clueless Minecraft Puzzle Map

Clueless is a minecraft puzzle map with a difference. The difference being that there are no clues* and it is up to you to work out how on earth you’re supposed to get out of the place you find yourself stuck in. Hordes of puzzles stand between you and a certain sense of freedom. Okay not hordes, but you will wish for hordes when you find yourself confronted by these machinations of an evil mind. Some of them are traditional minecraft jump style puzzles, others involve the use of sound and a plethora of redstone. My only real complaint with this map is that some of the puzzles are really quite hard. But that’s a good thing if you’re the sort of person who enjoys wanting to slam their forehead against their keyboard until something is solved. I, for one, found the experience of standing in front of a wall of obsidian pressing buttons and listening for the precise note emanating from a nearby block to be quite a fascinating experience.

Download Clueless, Minecraft Puzzle Map!

(*The complete lack of clues quickly turns out to be an exaggeration. There are some clues hidden hither and thither, so that’s nice.)

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