Troll Adventure, Troll Minecraft Map

minecraft troll face

This is a minecraft map made with one intention and purpose in mind – to troll the player over and over and over again. Terrible things happen in this minecraft map – and don’t even think about cheating, because they only get worse if you do cheat.

troll adventure minecraft troll map

The map requires the completion of several challenges, each of which contain frequent traps designed to teach you nothing other than a mistrust of the human race. It also goes without saying that this is not a true minecraft adventure map, there is no storyline, there isn’t even the loosest outline of a premise, not even a ‘you wake up in a dark room’, there’s just you and the map maker facing off against one another.

The aim of the map is to collect cookies, which of course are contained in chests. But can you find all the chests, and are all the chests actually chests? Remember that the redstone update also included a new block the ‘trapped chest’ which can be used to terrorize map players. The map maker’s aim is to make you rage, perhaps even rage quit, though I think that this map is actually relatively gentle compared to some puzzle maps (especially those with mazes, those are enough to give anyone a claustrophobia complex.)

Funnily enough, this minecraft map doesn’t really contain any mob based hazards. For the most part this is a mechanical challenge, involving a lot of lava, arrows and unfortunate falls from fairly great heights. And a couple of bats, but the bats are fairly friendly.

The fun of this kind of map is in pitting your wits against the creator and coming up trumps. I found 69 cookies on my playthrough, how many will you be able to find? And how many will you lose in lava?

Download minecraft Troll Adventure map!

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