The Stranded Pirate, Minecraft Adventure Map Download

Uh oh… looks like someone sailed his or her boat right into the side of a whacking great island. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Arrr me hearties! Are you the swashbuckling sort? Do you have it in you to solve puzzles, survive on a peaceful island and eventually escape? This is basically an adventure map for the sort of pirate who preferred crosswords to plundering. A smart pirate survives long enough to pass his or her genes along and become an evolutionary pirate success. But we are digressing. (I’ve been watching too many documentaries about tiger breeding.)

This is a fun, fast minecraft adventure map that will have you laughing or perhaps crying at the strangest times. Like the time you are forced to sacrifice a pink sheep. The puzzles and challenges are quite unique, going beyond the usual ‘find the lever, place the lever, avoid the lava’ trope that a lot of minecraft adventure maps seem to default to. Lovers of lava will be pleased that this map does include the requisite lava parkour level however, so it doesn’t represent a complete break from adventure map traditions.

The winning condition for this map is a number of bones collected. Because we know pirates love nothing more than collecting vast amounts of… bone. There’s also the matter of escaping the island you’re stranded on – and you might very well do that. Or not. Let’s not be spoilerish about these things.

Download The Stranded Pirate Minecraft Adventure Map!

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