Minecraft Master’s Hospital Parkour Puzzle Map

masters hospital minecraft puzzle map download

A minute into this alleged minecraft adventure map I was running around a maze being chased by a creeper. It was possible to escape by climbing some blocks and running away, but that left me in the position of having to parkour around the place – now above the marauding creeper, in order to find a way out of the room. I loved it. And you will too. As long as you love puzzles and aren’t too big on traditional adventure memes, like a story. Or a narrator that doesn’t actively hate you.

This is a challenging map from the outset, mostly comprised of various test chambers designed to make you work for the reward – of simply staying alive. It’s very portal like in its construction – much more puzzle / parkour than true adventure as there isn’t so much a storyline or a quest as a grasping at straws for the sake of survival. The most adventuresome thing about it the fact that it was made in adventure mode – and you’re really going to be stuck if you happen to be cheating by placing blocks if you happen to put one in the wrong place.

You might look down on me for speaking of cheating, but this is map that makes you want to cheat – and in fact condones cheating in the rules. It’s just that cheaters never prosper at the Master’s Hospital.

I will say however, that this map was surprisingly good. I’m not usually a great player of puzzle maps, but Master’s Hospital uses quite a few of the newer features in 1.5 to create puzzles that are actually fun to solve and give you a sense of accomplishment at having passed them. I’ve spent more time playing Master’s Hospital than any other minecraft map of late. Oh, and did I mention its fun for more than one? You and two of your closest friends can shriek and scream at one another as you attempt to escape the master’s hospital, but instead fall into devilish trap after devilish trap.

Download Master’s Hospital Minecraft Map!

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