Quest For Butter, Minecraft Adventure Map Download

quest for butter minecraft adventure map download

Four butter blocks have been hidden. Clearly the only thing to do is to go and find them and bring them together so that a locked door can be open. For all that is locked should one day be opened. (Unless we’re talking about that safe in Auckland, New Zealand, which may never be opened.)

Minecraft Mountain Island Survival Map

minecraft mountain island survival map download

There’s nothing like a nice minecraft mountain survival map, one that’s been made by someone who knows how to create natural looking terrain in minecraft which leaves the player feeling as if their mountain island lair might really be able to exist somewhere in the real world.

The Lonely Summit, Minecraft Adventure Map Download

the lonely summit minecraft adventure map

Diamond pickaxes! Diamond pickaxes everywhere! That was my first impression of Lonely Summit, a minecraft adventure map where digging through solid rock will not be a problem. Two minutes into the map and I already had four diamond pickaxes, and access to about four more hanging about in picture frames.

But that’s not really what this minecraft map is about. It’s not about vast amounts of cobblestone and free diamond tools. It’s about a story involving an adventuresome fisherman (you) and a summit that is feeling a mite lonely. It’s the quest to find out what happened to a once thriving sea side village – often by systematically digging through that very same village. What you find hidden in the sleepy seaside town is enough to send you off on a wild adventure.

The Barren Minecraft Desert Survival

minecraft barren desert survival map download

The Barren is not a particularly inviting place. It is, however, a pretty decent survival map with a neat and compact desert theme. As humans throughout history have done, you will begin your journey by clinging to the fertile soils at water’s edge. There you will begin to plant the crops and harvest the animals that have traveled across the desert to drink at the rare spring.

Walking Dead Minecraft Map Download

walking dead minecraft map download

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you’ll want to download this Walking Dead Minecraft map, set in the town of Woodbury. You’ll find most of Woodbury fairly faithfully recreated in this map download, though some concessions have been made for space and aesthetic concerns. This is the perfect map download for anyone who wants to practice their minecraft zombie survival skills, or anyone who collects minecraft maps based on popular television shows.

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