Monstrosity, Minectaft CTM Map Download

monstrosity minecraft ctm adventure survival map

This creepy, custom-monster filled minecraft CTM map will have you shaking in your diamond boots. Developed by coldfusion, the map contains sixteen unique locations, a bunch of custom mobs and plenty of custom armor.

From the outset, the map is challenging. I chose the easy setting because difficulty makes me whiny. Then I fell into lava and realized I’d have to re-start the map because all the starting items had burned up. This is the nature of the map. If you don’t watch where you’re going, if you assume that the ground is solid, then you’ll be punished for that. (more…)

City of Columbia, Minecraft Bioshock Infinite Map Download

minecraft bioshock infinite

If you’ve fallen in love with Bioshock Infinite, you’ll love this Bioshock Minecraft Map, recreating the entire City of Columbia in all its glory. This is not a 1:1 build, some artistic license has been taken, but if that sort of thing makes you mutter into your mustache, you’ll be pleased to know that the map maker is currently at work on a newer, bigger, and more exact recreation of the city.

Midnight Gloom Minecraft CTM Map

minecraft gloom adventure map download

Complete the monument whilst travelling through the Minecraft Gloom, discovering impressive builds from the natural to the iconic. This is a minecraft survival map with a goal. And an abandoned railway. And a really tall tower. And a forest made of creepers and vines. And. And. So many things. It’s beautiful and terrifying all at once. Which is perfect, because being beautiful and terrifying is precisely what minecraft is all about. (more…)

Quest For Butter, Minecraft Adventure Map Download

quest for butter minecraft adventure map download

Four butter blocks have been hidden. Clearly the only thing to do is to go and find them and bring them together so that a locked door can be open. For all that is locked should one day be opened. (Unless we’re talking about that safe in Auckland, New Zealand, which may never be opened.)

Minecraft Mountain Island Survival Map

minecraft mountain island survival map download

There’s nothing like a nice minecraft mountain survival map, one that’s been made by someone who knows how to create natural looking terrain in minecraft which leaves the player feeling as if their mountain island lair might really be able to exist somewhere in the real world.

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