ZomBeatBox Minecraft 1.5 Survival Map

custom zombies minecraft survival map

This minecraft survival map is highly customized and makes heavy use of the command block. It also contains custom zombies, six different kinds of zombies, each made obvious by the fact that their heads are made of blocks. Each different type of zombie drops a different and unique kind of material. Some zombies drop fuel, others drop food, still others drop building supplies.

The map itself is fairly sparse, but by fighting zombies you’ll be able to gather all the materials you could ever need. If you need anything you can’t get by punching a zombie in the face, then there’s always the custom minecraft mall. The mall does not use villager shopkeepers, but uses a ‘punch the wall buttons’ system to allow you to buy items like armor, enchantments and weapons. There’s also a handy little ‘unwanted items to xp’ converter, where you can discard any unwanted items (rotten flesh, anybody?) for 2 xp.

Mysterious East, Minecraft Asian Adventure Map Download

mysterious east minecraft asian adventure map download

Finally, a minecraft adventure map designed with an Asian aesthetic. The Mysterious East is a minecraft asian adventure map, complete with pink blossom trees, pagodas and what look quite a lot like rice paddies. Are you ready to lose yourself in the minecraft Orient?

The first thing that strikes the player when they open this map is the detail that has gone into the mandatory texture pack. You begin in a tutorial hall, complete with paper lanterns lighting the space. And it just gets better from there.

Minecraft Elder Scrolls Map Downloads

minecraft tamriel map download

If you’re a fan of both Minecraft and the Elder Scrolls series, then this is a project designed to thrill you to your toes. Play all of the continent of Nirn in Minecraft with this single map that spans the continent made famous in the Elder Scrolls series. Wander the streets of Imperial City in Minecraft (still, to this day the best RPG city I’ve ever been in. Skyrim has nothing on the atmosphere and depth of Oblivion’s Imperial City.)

Abandoned Minecraft Mansion Map Download

minecraft abandoned mansion map download

Want to explore a large, abandoned old mansion? Of course you do. This minecraft mansion has over a hundred rooms, each left to the whims of nature. The old grand halls are empty now, but for you. There’s something very ‘The Shining’ about this minecraft map. It’s not strictly a Shining Minecraft Map, but with a little imagination, it possibly could be. There are extensive and somewhat overgrown grounds to explore as well, including a giant tree which has no doubt been growing since before the foundations of the mansion were poured. There’s also the family mausoleum to visit, a gazebo nestled amidst flowering trees and many more fascinating little nooks and crannies.

Minecraft’s Beetle Juice Roller Coaster

This cannot be downloaded because it was made in the XBOX 360 version of minecraft. It is however, one of the most impressive minecraft rollercoasters I’ve ever seen – and the fact it was made using a controller makes it even better.

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