Life Size Minecraft House Download

minecraft life sized map download

This domestic paradise is a minecraft house built to real life scale. That is to say, you’ll find yourself in a minecraft house that is built to the scale of an actual house. This has the effect of making you feel very, very small. Not quite as small as Douglas Adams’ Total Perspective Vortex, but close. There are all sorts of oversized minecraft builds. Ant Farm Survival is perhaps the most famous of the minecraft maps built to real life scale – but the hook of this particular life size minecraft map is that there’s an entire house to explore. I’m talking extensive real estate.

Dead Prison, Minecraft Prison Break Minecraft Adventure Map Download

minecraft prison tower adventure map

This 1.5 minecraft adventure map features custom zombies function as prison guards. Attack them to get the tasty treats inside their rotting fetid bodies, and also the keys that they’ll drop – keys you absolutely need in order to escape the prison. A fully developed adventure map, this is the most fun you’ll have locked in a penitentiary with the undead.

Minecraft Medieval Town Map Download

minecraft medieval download

This is a medieval building map pack which can be downloaded by players and minecraft map makers. You can use these medieval minecraft buildings in your own adventure or survival maps, or in server maps. Wherever you need a medieval building, there this minecraft map pack will be. Which is perhaps overstating things a little, because you’ll have to have downloaded it. Once you do download it however, all these medieval minecraft designs are yours to use, yours to replicate, yours to seed a new medieval minecraft world.

ZomBeatBox Minecraft 1.5 Survival Map

custom zombies minecraft survival map

This minecraft survival map is highly customized and makes heavy use of the command block. It also contains custom zombies, six different kinds of zombies, each made obvious by the fact that their heads are made of blocks. Each different type of zombie drops a different and unique kind of material. Some zombies drop fuel, others drop food, still others drop building supplies.

The map itself is fairly sparse, but by fighting zombies you’ll be able to gather all the materials you could ever need. If you need anything you can’t get by punching a zombie in the face, then there’s always the custom minecraft mall. The mall does not use villager shopkeepers, but uses a ‘punch the wall buttons’ system to allow you to buy items like armor, enchantments and weapons. There’s also a handy little ‘unwanted items to xp’ converter, where you can discard any unwanted items (rotten flesh, anybody?) for 2 xp.

Mysterious East, Minecraft Asian Adventure Map Download

mysterious east minecraft asian adventure map download

Finally, a minecraft adventure map designed with an Asian aesthetic. The Mysterious East is a minecraft asian adventure map, complete with pink blossom trees, pagodas and what look quite a lot like rice paddies. Are you ready to lose yourself in the minecraft Orient?

The first thing that strikes the player when they open this map is the detail that has gone into the mandatory texture pack. You begin in a tutorial hall, complete with paper lanterns lighting the space. And it just gets better from there.

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