Midnight Gloom Minecraft CTM Map

minecraft gloom adventure map download

Complete the monument whilst travelling through the Minecraft Gloom, discovering impressive builds from the natural to the iconic. This is a minecraft survival map with a goal. And an abandoned railway. And a really tall tower. And a forest made of creepers and vines. And. And. So many things. It’s beautiful and terrifying all at once. Which is perfect, because being beautiful and terrifying is precisely what minecraft is all about.

With hours of gameplay, and many, many items to discover in your journeys, this is a minecraft map that gives you a reason to travel around exploring the weird and wonderful world you find yourself in. First things first though – survive.

minecraft cloud covered city

You’ll probably begin your journey by travelling to the cloud covered city in the near distance. When you get there, you’ll discover that there is a curse on the place. That won’t change your decision to enter, because there’s nothing to eat in the desert and you’re starting to get hungry. The sandstone houses prove to be a goldmine for a hungry Steve, but there are dangers lurking around every corner and your journey is only beginning.

minecraft gloom ctm terrain

What this map does incredibly well is ambiance. Minecraft has the potential to make everything seem same-y, but there’s a lot of innovation in this map. It doesn’t rely heavily on redstone, but has a more old-fashioned approach to CTM map making, which is you dragging your sorry pixel carcass through unfamiliar terrain. In other words, it’s quite brilliant. I felt edgy and uncomfortable in the cursed town, just like I was supposed to. In fact, I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

I played on peaceful. If you don’t you’ll have all the fun of the full experience, which includes invisible endermen. This means angering mobs you can’t see at a distance, who can escape your wrath by teleporting away and then popping up when you least expect them. The only way you’ll know they’re baring their ender jaws at you is by the sound.

This is a fun minecraft map in the same way that a really tall rollercoaster is fun. Being scared for your continued existence is the most fun anybody can have!

Download Midnight Gloom Minecraft CTM Map!

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