City of Columbia, Minecraft Bioshock Infinite Map Download

minecraft bioshock infinite

If you’ve fallen in love with Bioshock Infinite, you’ll love this Bioshock Minecraft Map, recreating the entire City of Columbia in all its glory. This is not a 1:1 build, some artistic license has been taken, but if that sort of thing makes you mutter into your mustache, you’ll be pleased to know that the map maker is currently at work on a newer, bigger, and more exact recreation of the city.

minecraft bioshock infinite minecraft map download

Complete with minecart tracks for an instant tour of the city, this is a minecraft map that will make you nostalgic for the game you just got done playing five minutes ago. The only thing missing from this map is Elizabeth. If you want to be Elizabeth, you can be by downloading this Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth skin.

minecraft bioshock map download

Those who have yet to purchase Bioshock Infinite can feel free to download this map, secure in the knowledge that there are no spoilers contained within. Be warned however, this map may whet your appetite for the game to the extent that waiting to play Bioshock Infinite might be impossible.

Download this Minecraft Bioshock Infinite map!

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