City of Love, Minecraft Dating Adventure

minecraft city of love map download

The City of Love isn’t just another minecraft map, this is a minecraft dating simulation. Or perhaps it is better described as a minecraft dating adventure map, at any rate, the point of the map is to explore the city of love and find love.

city of love minecraft dating adventure map

The texture pack that comes with the map is quite stunning, I’m talking flaming pink love heart stunning. A custom NPC system provides you with plenty of conversational alternatives and many of the city’s inhabitants are quite generous to a newcomer. TIP: Don’t drink the potion offered to you by the bum who meets you when you first enter the city of love – unless you really have to. The effects are… unpleasant. We’re talking a full twenty seconds of nausea per drink unpleasant. The benefit of the potion is that it makes others forgive you and talk to you again, so if you’ve really messed something up on one of your minecraft dates, you’ll get a second chance.

Saint’s Row Minecraft Mansion Download

saints row 3 minecraft mansion download

Do you love minecraft? Do you also happen to love the Saint’s Row franchise? If so, you need to download this Saint’s Row minecraft map! This Saint’s Row mansion, lovingly created in minecraft comes complete with gaudy purple and glowstone decor, as well as plenty of villager goons. (more…)

Life Size Minecraft House Download

minecraft life sized map download

This domestic paradise is a minecraft house built to real life scale. That is to say, you’ll find yourself in a minecraft house that is built to the scale of an actual house. This has the effect of making you feel very, very small. Not quite as small as Douglas Adams’ Total Perspective Vortex, but close. There are all sorts of oversized minecraft builds. Ant Farm Survival is perhaps the most famous of the minecraft maps built to real life scale – but the hook of this particular life size minecraft map is that there’s an entire house to explore. I’m talking extensive real estate.

Dead Prison, Minecraft Prison Break Minecraft Adventure Map Download

minecraft prison tower adventure map

This 1.5 minecraft adventure map features custom zombies function as prison guards. Attack them to get the tasty treats inside their rotting fetid bodies, and also the keys that they’ll drop – keys you absolutely need in order to escape the prison. A fully developed adventure map, this is the most fun you’ll have locked in a penitentiary with the undead.

Minecraft Medieval Town Map Download

minecraft medieval download

This is a medieval building map pack which can be downloaded by players and minecraft map makers. You can use these medieval minecraft buildings in your own adventure or survival maps, or in server maps. Wherever you need a medieval building, there this minecraft map pack will be. Which is perhaps overstating things a little, because you’ll have to have downloaded it. Once you do download it however, all these medieval minecraft designs are yours to use, yours to replicate, yours to seed a new medieval minecraft world.

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