Minecraft Horses, A How To Guide For Minecraft 1.6

wild minecraft horses

Minecraft snapshot 13w16 is the best snapshot of all time. I feel as if I’m discovering a whole new minecraft, and I’m stoked. With minecraft horses, minecraft haybales and minecraft ‘leashes’ which can be used to tie almost any minecraft mob to a fence, this includes, but is not limited to, horses, sheep and pigs.

How To Play Minecraft Snapshot 13w16

This minecraft snapshot is also unique due to the new launcher it comes packaged with. So to play the snapshot, all you have to do is download minecraft 13w16 from Mojang here.

Minecraft Horses

Minecraft horses spawn wild. They are based on the Mo’Creatures horse mobs, but are actually quite a bit prettier (in my opinion). They also have completely adorable ‘rearing and bucking’ animations in which the horse opens its mouth, rears back on its hind legs and waves the front legs in the air. You can make a horse rear by right clicking them with a carrot. They will also rear if you try to saddle them without having tamed them first.

minecraft horse bucking

Minecraft Foals

minecraft foal

Minecraft foals spawn in the wild and can be grown to adulthood by feeding them a bunch of wheat. (It seems to be about twelve pieces of wheat.)

How To Ride Minecraft Horses

riding a minecraft horseMinecraft horses can be mounted by right clicking on the horse.

How To Tame Minecraft Horses

Before you can ride a wild horse, you must ‘break it in’ by mounting it and riding it. You will be bucked off several times before the horse accepts you, but you’ll know when it has because the floating hearts will appear. At that point, you can saddle your horse and ride it properly.

minecraft saddled horse

How To Make A Horse Saddle | Saddle Crafting Recipe

EDIT: This has now been changed. Instead of being able to craft a saddle, you’ll now need to find a saddle in a dungeon. That’s right, pigs and horses will share the same rare saddles. So getting a horse means scrabbling around in dungeons for a long while, or using trusty program INVEdit to cheat some in.

You need five pieces of leather and three iron ingots to make a saddle.

minecraft horse saddle recipe

How To Breed Minecraft Horses

breeding minecraft horses

You will need to mount one horse at a time and feed them wheat whilst you are atop them. Horses will start billowing love hearts and a foal will follow shortly.

How To Tie Up A Minecraft Horse

Just pick the ‘leash’ or ‘rope’ out of the inventory and right click your horse. This will attach the lead to your horse’s head collar, and enable you to lead your horse around. If you right click a fence post whilst holding your horse’s lead, your horse will be tied to the post. Note: The ‘leash’ or ‘lead’ can be used on all minecraft mobs. So you can now catch any minecraft animal in the wild and lead it to the location you desire.

tethered minecraft horse

How To Untie A Minecraft Horse

To untie a horse, simply mount it by right clicking. The horse will be automatically untied.

Minecraft Horse Armor

There are also three types of horse armor, iron, gold, and diamond horse armor. These are crafted in one piece (unlike player armor, which has several different components.)

minecraft gold horse armor

How To Craft Minecraft Horse Armor

You can craft horse armor with six items of the material you want to make the armor out of. So you’ll need six iron ingots, six gold bars or six diamonds. You’ll also need a piece of wool for the saddle blanket.

minecraft horse armor recipe

Minecraft Pack Mules, Minecraft Donkeys

minecraft mule

These aren’t just horses being added to minecraft, there are also longer eared animals which can be used as pack mules. Simply ride, saddle and then add a chest to the top. Mincraft pack mules spawn naturally in the wild, can also be spawned from horse eggs and seem to take a little longer to tame than the average horse. Once you’ve tamed them and saddled them, and placed the chest, you can use the horse lead to lead

minecraft pack mule with chest

Minecraft Zombie Horses | Minecraft Skeleton Horses

Not all minecraft horses are cuddly and cute, there are also minecraft skeleton horses and zombie horses too. Thanks to redditor ‘humanitysfault’ for these screencaps.

minecraft zombie horse

minecraft skeleton horse

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