Sahara, Desert Survival Map Download

Sahara is a full featured minecraft desert survival map, complete with custom built oasis, mountains and underground caves fraught with danger. This minecraft survival map has been so popular that download links have been expiring faster than Usain Bolt (although that problem now appears to have been fixed.) Why has it been so hard to download this minecraft desert survival map? Because this is one of the largest of its kind, at a meaty 915 MB, that’s almost a full gig download. That’s nothing to sniff at.

minecraft sahara desert map download

Minecraft Oasis Map Download | Minecraft Movie Maps

minecraft oasis map download

Look! It’s a Minecraft Oasis map! 1024 blocks by 1024 blocks, the Oasis of Ahm Shere is a location from the popular Mummy Returns movie (that’s the one where Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz have managed to reproduce, creating a smaller human who causes a great deal of trouble and gets himself kidnapped, as children are wont to do.) The Oasis is a beautiful and extensive place, where adventures take flight and wings take dream.

Minecraft Water City | Fantasy City On Sea

minecraft water city map download

This Tekkit based minecraft city map is very beautiful. You will need the Tekkit minecraft mod pack in order to play it, but Tekkit is very easy to download and install, so don’t let that get in your way. It also runs separately from your default minecraft install, so it doesn’t get in the way of your default minecraft maps. Once opened with Tekkit, this minecraft city map unfolds before you like a jewel. The diamond tipped buildings gleam like jewels and the light sandstone creates a sort of enchanted ambiance. This city could just as easily be a minecraft elven city, there is that sort of fantasy element to it. In between the towering skyscrapers there are also a great many lower profile buildings with pleasingly rounded shapes, as well as obelisks adding visual interest to the skyline, which is certainly one of the most impressive I’ve seen in minecraft thus far.

Download the Minecraft City by the Water

Survival Islands Minecraft Sky World Survival Map

This survival islands map is made from several large, heavily landscaped islands in the sky. Instead of skipping from little biome to little biome, you can explore naturally shaped islands featuring various landscapes, each with its very own specialized terrain. The map also includes custom boss fights, custom dungeons, a stronghold and many more minecraft features commonly found in naturally generated minecraft maps.

minecraft sky survival map download

Minecraft Africa Map Download

minecraft africa map download

The entire continent of Africa is rendered in 1:1500 scale for you to play. Conquer the dark continent, re-trace the birth of human civilization, or just build a dirt hut and hunt pigs in true hunter gatherer fashion. This minecraft map of Africa represents a chance to terraform one of the most dangerous and beautiful regions of earth.

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