Minecraft Nether Flatland Survival Map

minecraft nether flatland survival map download

Minecraft flatland survival maps are all the rage (and by rage, I could very well mean rage quit). This one adds a twist to the recipe by setting the location of your flatland survival effort in minecraft’s very own hell dimension: the Nether.

Minecraft Pile of Bodies Survival Map

minecraft pile of bodies seth bling survival map

This new minecraft survival map from SethBling involves surviving atop a mass of prone minecraft statues in the form of giant player skins. The player skins are taken from famous Minecraft player skins as well as Mojang’s developer skins (MinecraftChick, Jeb, and yes, even Notch.) Although this looks like a gimmick pure and simple, it is a functional minecraft survival map. You can complete a full minecraft game (including Nether and End access) if you hunt around the bodies for long enough.

Survival won’t be simple, but as long as you’re prepared to cannibalize your favorite minecraft icons for building materials and farm supplies, you’ll be just fine. There are plenty of surprises for the inquisitive player with a nose for exploration, including hidden machines and other sorts of redstone contraptions of the kind SethBling is famous for creating. Think of these statues as potential minecraft Kinder eggs, with toys and surprises inside for anyone willing to crack the shell.

Download Pile of Bodies Minecraft Survival Map!

Minecraft Fallout Adventure Map: Lamada Wastelands

minecraft fallout adventure map download

A fallout minecraft map based on the popular Fallout franchise, Lambda Wastelands is a new-ish take on some old themes. If you liked Fallout, and if you happen to enjoy half destroyed overpasses, labrynth like vaults and an irradiated wasteland then you’re in for some high levels of minecraft adventure excitement, +10000 Rads worth, at least.

Sahara, Desert Survival Map Download

Sahara is a full featured minecraft desert survival map, complete with custom built oasis, mountains and underground caves fraught with danger. This minecraft survival map has been so popular that download links have been expiring faster than Usain Bolt (although that problem now appears to have been fixed.) Why has it been so hard to download this minecraft desert survival map? Because this is one of the largest of its kind, at a meaty 915 MB, that’s almost a full gig download. That’s nothing to sniff at.

minecraft sahara desert map download

Minecraft Oasis Map Download | Minecraft Movie Maps

minecraft oasis map download

Look! It’s a Minecraft Oasis map! 1024 blocks by 1024 blocks, the Oasis of Ahm Shere is a location from the popular Mummy Returns movie (that’s the one where Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz have managed to reproduce, creating a smaller human who causes a great deal of trouble and gets himself kidnapped, as children are wont to do.) The Oasis is a beautiful and extensive place, where adventures take flight and wings take dream.

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