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minecraft oasis map download

Look! It’s a Minecraft Oasis map! 1024 blocks by 1024 blocks, the Oasis of Ahm Shere is a location from the popular Mummy Returns movie (that’s the one where Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz have managed to reproduce, creating a smaller human who causes a great deal of trouble and gets himself kidnapped, as children are wont to do.) The Oasis is a beautiful and extensive place, where adventures take flight and wings take dream.

This isn’t strictly a desert map, I mean, it’s a wee bit desert-y around the edges, but the Oasis is the focal point and takes up most of the 2048 m2. This is not strictly a minecraft survival map or a minecraft adventure map, but you could certainly play a decent minecraft survival game in it, or upload it to your server for oasis fun.

minecraft oasis map golden pyramid

Even in creative mode, the map is far too large to take in all at once, so whether you choose to fly like an eagle or walk like an Egyptian, you’ll find plenty to explore in this minecraft map, including a golden pyramid, which might not look like much relative to the rest of the map, but which turns out to be more extensive, winding and full of dangers than the rest of it put together. Unleash the spawn of Anubis, or go and do battle with the Scorpion King, the choice is yours.

For a very large minecraft jungle map ready to have your imagination unleashed upon it, the Oasis is impressive, with its many rivers and ravines (some higher rivers running out into great waterfalls,) the geography of the place never ceases to astound and amaze. Though it is mostly wild, little touches of civilization here and there (and when I say civilization, I of course mean, disembodied skeleton heads) remind you that this is a map with a history. It is up to you to decide its future.

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