Adamantis Minecraft Fantasy City Download

adamantis minecraft fantasy city map download

One of the largest minecraft fantasy city builds of all time, Adamantis is a huge minecraft city available for download right this second. Based on classic architecture with a hefty twist of Greek influence, this is a beautiful creative build that truly showcases the possibilities of the game. Adamantis has the potential to be one of the truly great minecraft builds, the detail and size of the city are both incredible, though it is huge

Skycore, Minecraft Sky Survival Map

skycore minecraft survival island map

Are you ready for another iteration of the famous minecraft sky survival maps of yore? (And by yore, I of course mean, 2011.) This map involves named sheep eggs and pink and blue dyes – because what previous minecraft sky survival maps have been missing is colored sheep.

Ruins of the Mindcrackers, Minecraft CTM

ruins minecraft ctm map download

Ruins of the Mindcrackers is a minecraft CTM map download based on the Mindcrackers SMP server. It contains plenty of inside jokes for people who like to have ‘friends’ and ‘play with others’, but it also contains plenty of wonderful builds to explore for people who prefer to be ‘alone’ and ‘play solo’. In many respects, this is a minecraft server map for people who don’t like minecraft multiplayer, because having to deal with other people sort of ruins their day.

Greenfield, Modern Minecraft City Map

minecraft city map download

If you’re looking for large modern minecraft city map download, then you have to download Greenfield – a city under constant expansion. From towering skyscrapers to subterranean subway tunnels, Greenfield is the minecraft city of the future (and present, so you can play it today.) This minecraft map has something of a Mirror’s Edge feel to it. But this is not another Minecraft map based on a video game – no, it is something more exciting than that, it is a minecraft map that seems to replicate not a game world, but the real world. As a result, Greenfield feels like a real city.

Skyverse, Minecraft Sky Survival Map

minecraft skyverse sky survival map download

A cross between SkyBlock and Sky Island, Skyverse is somewhere in between. It has more dirt than SkyBlock, but not as many resources as Sky Island. So it is simultaneously harder, easier and more fun than either of the two maps mentioned in the first instance. In Skyverse, a small plug shaped island of land floats in the middle of the void. Although this is currently a single player survival map, there may soon be a server, which will be fun for people who like standing in small spaces with a lot of other people.

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