Minecraft Nether Flatland Survival Map

minecraft nether flatland survival map download

Minecraft flatland survival maps are all the rage (and by rage, I could very well mean rage quit). This one adds a twist to the recipe by setting the location of your flatland survival effort in minecraft’s very own hell dimension: the Nether.

There are plenty of challenges to meet and complete in the nether, including the usual ‘build a house, generate some cobblestone’ challenges. A nether fortress is ripe for exploration and if you play your cards right you’ll even be able to face the elusive minecraft wither boss.

This isn’t an easy minecraft survival map, nor is it one with bright blue vistas and endless void. This is a minecraft survival map in which you are trapped in the hell dimension. Unless… you somehow manage to both make and harvest enough obsidian to create a portal back to the overworld. That won’t be easy. But nothing worth doing is.

Note that escaping the nether is not one of the official challenges of this map, but I think it should be. After all, if you woke up in a place where giant ghasts shot explosive balls of fire at you, where all the lakes were made of lava and walking into flames was a hazard of everyday life, I’m pretty sure you’d want to escape as quickly as possible. If escape does not appeal, you can settle down and build melon farms and wheat farms and do all the sorts of things that people do in normal minecraft survival maps that aren’t on fire. (You can also craft a beacon, which is basically the minecraft equivalent of building your own motor vehicle out of soap shavings – it doesn’t get you anywhere in particular and wastes a lot of useful resources in the process.)

Click here to download the nether flatland minecraft survival map!

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