Olympus, Minecraft Survival Map Download (CTM)

Don’t just survive, thrive and complete a monument! Olympus was the mythical home of the gods, but the crater like hell valley you find yourself in leaves you feel anything but like a god. The view as you leave the crater of Mt Olympus is awe inspiring, but there are no gentle olive groves or peaceful Greek villages. There’s an awful lot of darkness and lava and an ominous dark cloud floats all o’er the land.

Traps and tricks abound on Mt Olympus, placed there by vengeful gods with a twisted sense of humor, no doubt. In order to survive you’ll need to carve out a little nniche of paradise inĀ amongĀ the lava hell, and in order to complete the map you’ll need to collect a bunch of animal eggs and avoid the temptation to use them to get a couple of pork chops or strips of leather because you’ll need them to complete the monument.

This map is compatible both with the current 1.3.2 release and also the 12w38b snapshot, if you’re the sort of person who likes introducing unstable features into your game (and I highly recommend it.)

There be dungeons, there be dragons, there be challenges of all kind in this dangerous and exciting minecraft survival map.

Click here to download Olympus, Minecraft Survival CTM Map!

Wanderlust Minecraft Survival Mode

Wanderlust is a nickname coined by redditor superguh for a specific type of minecraft survival map play that does not involve actually downloading any minecraft survival maps. The rules of Wanderlust are as simple as they are demanding, as complex as they are cheese (which is not at all) and as fun as they are rules (which is 100%.)

When I stumbled across this survival mode of play I thought it quite genius and invigorating, especially for those of us for whom Minecraft has recently become rather confusingly bat-filled. To play a game of Minecraft Wanderlust as laid out by the aforementioned superguh, you must perform the following actions:

  • Every night you must sleep in a bed. It can be the same bed but it can not be in the same place twice. You must move your bed to an entirely new area every evening. If you do not sleep, you lose the game. That’s because sleep is important if you want to grow up to be a big strong Steve.
  • Every night you must build a new shelter to house you and your bed, Wilson.
  • Mining is strictly forbidden in this style of minecraft, that is to say, digging a mine is forbidden. All minerals must be found on the surface of things. Say hello to a lot of fast paced spelunking if you have ambitions of finding diamond.
  • Once a structure is built, you must leave it be. You can take only your bed, your furnace and your workbenches. Okay, maybe a torch or two – and that painting you put on the mantelpiece. But that’s all!

And that’s it. Those are all the rules. Pack up your pickaxe and grab a few stalks of sugar cane to nourish you along the way. (Ha! Jokes on you, minecraft sugar is inedible!)

30 New Biomes! Minecraft Biomes O’Plenty

Tired of having just a few biomes to play in? Sick of going from Jungle to Desert to Grassland with hardly any variation? Well the Biomes A Plenty Minecraft Biome Mod adds thirty new biomes and fourteen new block and plant types, including mud, desert grass, daisies, wildflowers, ash and more. The new biomes range from mountain ranges and watery marshes to scrubland, to red rock desert, wastelands, wetlands and much, much more.

The benefits of additional biomes are numerous. For starters, having a greater range of biomes means that exploration actually has some effect on the game. Though biomes have expanded from what they were in minecraft beta, there’s still a certain ‘sameyness’ that sets in after a while. With more than thirty biomes you’ll always be finding new territory to conquer, new minecraft lands to marvel over.

Download Minecraft More Biomes Mod!

The Program, Minecraft Survival Map

The Program minecraft survival map takes the minecraft universe and turns it into a metaverse, that is, a world where you must end the simulation that is minecraft by slaying the Ender Dragon. Actually it’s a little more complicated than that. You see a computer has been hacked into your brain.

Your actions in the simulation produced by this computer (aka The Program) will influence the real world because in the real world The End has broken out of The End and is leeching through reality. The only way to stop The End from taking over reality is to kill the Ender Dragon. Still a less convoluted and ridiculous plot than The Matrix.

Before killing the Ender Dragon you must complete certain challenges, like make an animal farm, enchant ‘something’, get 64 pieces of rotten flesh, get every color of wool, the list goes on. So although every second you’re in the simulation is another second that The End is destroying the world, you still have time to collect a rainbow of wool and dye sheep jolly colors and sit around with your thumb up your posterior.

So there we go, save the world and stuff around at the same time! The perfect solution for a gamer.

Download The Program Minecraft Survival Map!

Bonsai Survival, Minecraft Survival Map Download (Embrace The Smallness)

Bonsai! The art of being tiny in a large world. Or the art of making usually large things tiny so you can fit them into your claustrophobic apartment. Whatever. In this survival map the trees are tiny and so are you and if you can manage to get by in a word where the kitchen sink represents an ocean crevasse deeper than the Mariana Trench, then you have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Minecraft Survivor.

This minecraft survival map has been made available in both Spanish and English, so you can learn another language whilst you try to work out how to survive in a tiny garden and a massive kitchen, respectively. Whilst this might seem like another gimmicky map, there’s actually quite a lot to explore in this map. It’s not all ‘ooh, what a cool giant stove’ and ‘ooo what a tiny tree’. If you need a exploration tip, I can tell you only this: look for the holes – because this little apartment has a whole lot more surprises than your average super sized dwelling.

To survive in Bonsai, you must be like a mouse – ever seeking, ever vigilant, never satisfied with mere scraps of cheese. Those who follow instructions and work hard will be rewarded. Those who do not can make a boat and sail around in a bowl of soup. Either way, you win.

Download Bonsai Survival Minecraft Map!

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