Minecraft Fallout Adventure Map: Lamada Wastelands

minecraft fallout adventure map download

A fallout minecraft map based on the popular Fallout franchise, Lambda Wastelands is a new-ish take on some old themes. If you liked Fallout, and if you happen to enjoy half destroyed overpasses, labrynth like vaults and an irradiated wasteland then you’re in for some high levels of minecraft adventure excitement, +10000 Rads worth, at least.

minecraft destroyed overpasses fallout adventure map download

This Fallout minecraft adventure map contains all manner of features, including custom shops and custom vendors. Much like the real Fallout games, their inventory is very limited and sometimes you’ll have to travel far and wide to get enough caps to buy yourself a stimpack or two. This adventure map requires no mods, which is good news for people who can’t be bothered getting mod in their vanilla minecraft maps. You will have to use the custom made texture pack, but that should be no great hardship, unless you hate awesome graphics and nobody hates awesome graphics. That would be like not enjoying a nice smell.

minecraft vault map download

A great deal of work has gone into creating what feels like a very authentic Fallout experience. The vaults are of the highest standard, imparting an aura of claustrophobic gloom whenever one draws near. People who enjoy solving puzzles will be pleased to learn that this map also includes custom made puzzles to solve. Unlike the actual Fallout, terminals will not lock you out completely if you happen to fail.

minecraft securitron

Possibly my favorite little detail in this minecraft adventure map is the transformation of iron golems into Securitrons. The Iron golem model lends itself to this reassignment so perfectly one begins to think that in an alternate universe, where Minecraft is perhaps the proverbial garden of Eden, Fallout’s Securitrons were somehow descended from Iron Golems augmented with redstone. We don’t know who started the war, but we do know that it was us who scorched the sky. Did I just go into a Minecraft / Fallout / Matrix crossover? You bet I did!

Download Minecraft’s Newest Fallout Map, Lamada Wastelands!

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