Minecraft Pile of Bodies Survival Map

minecraft pile of bodies seth bling survival map

This new minecraft survival map from SethBling involves surviving atop a mass of prone minecraft statues in the form of giant player skins. The player skins are taken from famous Minecraft player skins as well as Mojang’s developer skins (MinecraftChick, Jeb, and yes, even Notch.) Although this looks like a gimmick pure and simple, it is a functional minecraft survival map. You can complete a full minecraft game (including Nether and End access) if you hunt around the bodies for long enough.

Survival won’t be simple, but as long as you’re prepared to cannibalize your favorite minecraft icons for building materials and farm supplies, you’ll be just fine. There are plenty of surprises for the inquisitive player with a nose for exploration, including hidden machines and other sorts of redstone contraptions of the kind SethBling is famous for creating. Think of these statues as potential minecraft Kinder eggs, with toys and surprises inside for anyone willing to crack the shell.

Download Pile of Bodies Minecraft Survival Map!

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