Sahara, Desert Survival Map Download

Sahara is a full featured minecraft desert survival map, complete with custom built oasis, mountains and underground caves fraught with danger. This minecraft survival map has been so popular that download links have been expiring faster than Usain Bolt (although that problem now appears to have been fixed.) Why has it been so hard to download this minecraft desert survival map? Because this is one of the largest of its kind, at a meaty 915 MB, that’s almost a full gig download. That’s nothing to sniff at.

minecraft sahara desert map download

This giant minecraft desert has to be seen to be believed. At 12,000 minecraft meters by 10,000 minecraft meters, forget large biomes, these are epic biomes – although that term has been sadly overused so I’ll go one further and say that this map is one leviathan desert biome. (Leviathan, as in, like a whale, as in, very large. I think we’ve now established the size of the map so I’ll say no more – except to say that it is a very big desert.)

minecraft sahara oasis

So what is in this giant minecraft desert? Well there’s an awful lot of sand, as one might expect. Much of the sand is presented in dune form, as is the custom. You could wander for days without finding water, and you could go even longer without seeing a friendly mob to slaughter for food. I hope you like rotten meat, because zombies could very well become your primary food source. Here and there you might find oasis, but they are relatively few and far between and setting up camp at one of them could mean missing out on precious resources a few dunes over. When you play this minecraft desert map, you have to start thinking like a nomad. You have to be able to carry all your supplies with you from place to place (if only there were such a thing as a minecraft beast of burden, like a minecraft donkey or a minecraft camel that might allow you to carry items from one place to another.)

This minecraft desert is still very much in development, so it is one to keep an eye on. But of course, you can also download it now and lose yourself in a desert larger than your imagination….

SAHARA! Minecraft Desert Survival Map Download!

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