Survival Archway Minecraft Survival Map

This minecraft survival map is also an archway, with survival above and below. Don’t expect to just go about digging up ores either, all diggy dig dig. Nope. The ores are in another castle. Or a chest, or something. Any way you put it they’re hard to find.

The landscape of the map is interesting enough to make the hide and seek required for survival fun. Adding to the difficulty factor is the fact that you’re in an ocean biome so there’s little to no chance of animals spawning unless you happen to find some animal spawning eggs.

Though this is nothing spectacularly new, it is a solid survival map and those looking for a simple minecraft survival map (especially a survival island style map) will probably be quite pleased with this little offering.

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Sorry miners, someone changed the permalinks then went to bed and left them broken for the better part of a day. That person is now chipping their way out of an obsidian cell with their bare hands. All is now fixed.

The Dropper, Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle Map

The Dropper has one simple requirement for those that play it: survive the fall.

What’s truly fun (and when I say fun, I mean, a good ego check) is that it’s possible for you to fail this simple task almost immediately, albeit in a truly spectacular way. The opening level of ‘The Dropper’ (pictured in the image above) put me in mind of the opening of Alice in Wonderland, tumbling down the rabbit hole. In fact, that’s what this level should really have been called, in my humble opinion. You fall and you fall and you fall and then you realize that the landing is going to have very unpleasant consequences if you can’t figure it out.

It took me five or six attempts to survive the first fall through the glass and glowstone worm tower. It would have taken fewer if I hadn’t tried to cheat my way around the system a couple of times only to realize that The Dropper is strict and stringent in its rules.

minecraft drop map download

You will be impressed by this map, not only has a lot of building time gone into it, but the challenges are very well balanced and there’s some impressive redstone work to admire as well, including an elevator that shuffles you all the way to the top of the map with ultimate piston technology.

Made for both multiplayer and singleplayer, you can play The Dropper minecraft map alone or with friends. Playing with friends will be an experience to remember as each of your group has to develop the finesse and control to make their avatar glide gracefully through the air before landing unharmed in the few safe spots.

The Dropper is described as an Adventure / Puzzle map, but I actually think the creator has effectively made an entirely new genre here using the minecraft falling mechanics and gravity system in a way that few, if any other minecraft maps have done.

Download The Dropper Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle Map!

TerraCraft Tower Minecraft Survival Map

In the middle of a vast ocean is a towering pillar of rock, grass and minerals. Actually, four towering pillars, with rocky outcrops and grassy knolls and all the rest of that sort of thing. Here you will train. Here you will learn. Here you must survive.

I began the map by choking in a stone wall and respawning at the foot of the map. This taught me something about life and the nature of wanting. I’m not sure if this is a typical experience for the average minecrafter, but it was mine.

The greatest experience comes in ascending the towers, however, also like life, things tend to get harder the higher you go. But the rewards for piercing the cloud layer are great, so onwards and upwards blocky traveller.

Here’s a hint: as above, so below. Do not be afraid to dig as much as you climb. Do not be afraid to dive as well as soar. Oh, and watch out for the creepers and whatnot, the towers can be a hostile place, especially on many of the plateaus, which must be civilized and explored thoroughly.

Download TerraCraft Tower Minecraft Survival Map

The Impossible Maze Minecraft Puzzle Map

The impossible maze is an interesting minecraft map, and when I say ‘interesting’ I mean ‘challenging, confusing and brain melting’. If you’re looking for a minecraft map that not only makes you think, but demands it, then The Impossible Maze might very well be the minecraft map for you.

I felt a rush of pride when I managed to get through the first puzzle without punching the puzzle into oblivion. Like most minecraft adventure and puzzle maps, the breaking of blocks is not encouraged, or allowed.

There aren’t many minecraft maps where you actually sort of end up wishing that you’ll die because you’re so hopelessly lost you’ve got no idea or hope of ever escaping the trap that was laid out as a trap before you even walked into it. This is a map that goes on and on and on and on and on and on, the maze truly is massive. Before you walk into it you have a chance to grab a few torches to mark your way. These could be incredibly useful if you actually use them.

I’m not saying you’ll enjoy this. Rage quitting may very well be in your future, but this is definitely an intense minecraft map, one which will test your puzzle and maze solving skills to their very limits. Are you ready, ratties?

Download The Impossible Maze Minecraft Map

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